Strong Armed Achievement

  • Strong Armed



    Complete the Strong Arm tutorial

    From the Main Menu, go to Multiplayer > Tutorial, and a video will play. You can skip it by hitting , but you should watch it in order to learn how to play the game. After the video plays, you will spawn in the tutorial lobby. The room you are in has 9 diagrams on the walls. Go up to each one, hit to bring up a paragraph on-screen, and hit to continue. Quickly do this for all 9 diagrams and the achievement will unlock.

  • This is done in the multiplayer menu -> strong arm tutorial.
  • easiest 10g
  • Anyone know why it wouldn't pop for me ? Watched it twice. No achieve.
  • not working for me
  • After you watched the video, check all the markers, for info... when you have all of those checked, You guys will earn the achievement.
  • Easiest achievement in the game probably!

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