Saint's Seven Achievement

  • Saint's Seven



    Win all seven Ranked Strong Arm Activities, and win on all seven Strong Arm maps

    For this achievement, you must win a Strong Arm round of each of the following Activities:

    Demo Derby, Hitman, Insurance Fraud, Mayhem, Racing, Snatch, Theft

    You must also win a round in each map while playing Strong Arm:

    Little Shanghai, North Shore, Nuke Plant, Oldtown, Parthenon, Posiedon's Palace, Wharfside

    You don't actually have to do this in a ranked game, so the quickest way is to just start up a Party match, set it to the map/activity you need, and get a friend to lose to you.

  • I've done all seven maps several times with several activities, and it still wont pop. I think this is actually ranked only.
  • Is there a way to tell which you have done? do I have to win myself or can my team win?
  • looking for a party of people to do this and a few other Multiplayer achievements send me a FR and a message saying multiplayer achievements
  • I don't want the co-op achievements I just looking for some people to knock out the online one. Message me on Live GT: AttendantAsh with details.
  • "Win all seven RANKED Strong Arm" yes, it is ranked indeed...
  • I need this achievement! if anyone wants to boost for it add me!! I have both Saints row 1 & 2 if anyone wants to boost on either one. GT: WhiteIsRight951
  • anyone wanna join me and my friends for some boosting itd be nice.. GT: GHOSTMAN133k
  • if people are still looking to boost this then that be great my gamertag is SKYFALL0 i need to do all the co-op and multiplayer achievements as well

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