Spread the Love Achievement

  • Spread the Love



    Host and win an Xbox LIVE Party Game

    From the Main Menu, go to "Multiplayer" > "Xbox LIVE" > "Create Party". Select whatever you want for the Privacy, then once some people are in the Party with you, start up the game. It doesn't matter what you play, just win and the achievement will unlock.

  • Party games and hosting a ranked online game are different. When you form a party simply press X instead of choosing what options you wanted for an online game. Should bring you into a "Party" game lobby.
  • Can someone help me with this please because i dont have any friends that play saints row 2 hit my Gamertag up with a message: DarkLegend16
  • I'm looking for people to do all the multiplayer achievements. My gt is Burdy940
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  • I'm looking for someone to do all the multiplayer schievements with me
  • I have set up a boosting session for dec.4 for all the multiplayer acheivments. Hopefully this is a good time for it.

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