A Brighter Future Achievement

  • A Brighter Future



    Defeated the Ultor Corporation epilogue


    After completing the Ronin, Brotherhood, and Sons of Samedi missions, a set of Ultor Corporation missions will come up on your map. Complete them to get the achievement. For a complete walkthrough, check this thread. I recommend doing this in co-op so you can work towards the "Partners in Crime" achievement.

  • If you listen to ULTOR FM you'll hear the announcer says "ultor radio, a brighter future and a better life" just thought that was interesting
  • Complete the Ultor mission 'and a better life' and you will achieve this after the credits. (You can skip the credits)
  • I think im on the last ultor mission, yet no marker is showing up at the spot, cant start the mission. Sugestions?
  • i had a problem with this but i forgot how i did this sorry. all i know is that it involves going to the mall.
  • If there's anybody else who (like me and the 2 posters before me) is having trouble with starting the last Ultor mission. After you have completed the third Ultor mission you first need to do an Ultor Stranghold located at the Ultor Underground Mall. Took me a while to spot it on my map. :)
  • If you have problems finding the location on the last Ultor mission, go inside the mall. The entrance is where you chased the head of Samedi into when you beat him inside the mall. Once you enter the mall, you will see the Ultor symbol over the cylindrical light marker.

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