Vengeance Achievement

  • Vengeance



    Exacted revenge on Julius


    After completing the Ultor missions, you will unlock a secret Julius mission. For a complete walkthrough, and instructions on how to unlock the mission, check this thread. I recommend doing this in co-op so you can work towards the "Partners in Crime" achievement.

  • Where do i find how to get this achievement?
  • You have to get to still water pd which is across from the penthouse crib if you look on your map in the south east corner of the Ultor owned area you'll see a small circle with three lines in it next to that is the still water pd go to the detective bureau which is on the 3rd floor in there you will find 3 saints missions, if you go around in Troy's office you'll find a mission where you have to call dex and go to still water church and that is where you will find a mission where. Follow it through to get the achievement. Hope this helps. (I taped mine and put it on YouTube if you wanted to look )
  • thank you very much i wasnt expecting a response so quickly hehe ill get right on it
  • thanks for the tip man
  • wow thanks i would have never found it if you didant post this cheers :)
  • I found a less stressful way to complete the "helicopter vs building" part of Mission Five. Make sure you have a full load of RPGs before you start. I kept getting shot down after about two power stations and came up with an alternative approach. After it tells you to go to the attack chopper, run and get in and get straight back out of it. This activates the red triangle markers and the attack choppers to come look for you but being on the ground it's easier to take them out with your assault rifle (don't use your RPG, save them for later). Then, using the red markers on your map, head around the building and use the RPGs to take out the power stations ( use precision aim). It takes about 3 or so rockets per red marker. They will send attack choppers after you, but they a
  • * They will send attack choppers after you, but they are easy prey if you're on the ground. Make sure you recruit homies to protect you from Ultor dudes. You will have 5 stars while you do this, but you only get minimal opposition so your homies and a few shots from you will be fine. This worked for me and was much less stressful.
  • Indeed Tx. Talk about a "very" secret achievement.
  • Yeah, thanks! I had no idea what that cheever was!
  • That's pretty fucked up. Me and a friend was flipping our shit wondering why the "Partners In Crime" achievement didn't pop. And this is why, a freaking Secret achievement. Thank goodness for Guides.

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