Going the Distance Achievement

  • Going the Distance



    Threw someone a long, long way


    In order to throw someone, go up to them and hold to take them as a human shield and hit again to throw them. You must throw someone over 100 feet (33.3 meters) for this achievement.

    The best way to do this is in the Crowd Control activity in the Hotels and Marina district. One of the maps for this activity is in an airport. When playing on the map, simply throw a fan onto the moving section of the giant ramp, and you should get credit for a throw of several hundred feet.

    If you're having trouble with that method, you can always try throwing someone off a cliff or building. Several missions involve rooftops, and all you need to do is grab an enemy and throw him off.

  • if your struggling the easiest way is to get on a high building with a person as a human shield or with people on the roof and then just chuck them off.
  • I got mine when I was doing the crowd control activity when you're protecting the person at the train station and if you time your throw right you can throw them in front of the oncoming train and that'll send them flying and still count as a throw
  • sometime there are some people on one of the high buildings near the police centre(don't know name the one with a cd). just throwing them down gets you the achievement (you need a helicopter)
  • This is easy. I threw a guy off the helicopter pad in the police station.
  • I got a idea that might work, i'll try it later on, all you do is recruit a team- ate (preferably have a co-op partner get a recruit) and get to a really tall building get on top of it and throw them off...or...try this to, have a co-op partner have a tall van or have a plane and throw a person in front of it and have the partner fly into him and try to juggle him with the car or plane...
  • I found the easy way to do it is during the ronin mission where you infiltrate the hotel. once you get to the top floor just grab someone and throw them over the guard rail...
  • u just throw them off the hotel and u get 3 gold stars easy
  • I got this during crowd control also. I threw someone on a trampoline and i got it...
  • funnest achievement. ever.
  • Easy way is to do it during Crowd Control. When your doing the one where the person comes from a helicopter , throw someone off the side you will have three stars. You will have to wait untill the person you threw hits the ground to get the achievement so dont expect it to pop up right away.
  • DOES NOT NEED TO BE 100 FEET (33.3m) I threw someone off the ruins in museum district and it unlock for me at 32.0m! so if anyone got lower it could be the 30m mark where it unlocks
  • i just threw a guy 69.1 feet and got nothing? do u ahve to be in mission mode or has it to be an enemy?
  • Get a helicopter and go to the top of the ultor skyscraper, crash into the biggest window (on north side) and jump out. then shoot out one of the windows and shoot someone in the leg, when they stand up grab 'em and chuck 'em!
  • i love doing this
  • I took a police officer to the top of multistory car park and chucked her off, 34.9m
  • When I did this I was not in a mission. I just love throwing people off bridges.. I got this on a very long bridge over the water and I was just throwing people off for fun and the achievement unlocked.
  • You can also go to your Penthouse Loft Crib and throw one of the strippers off the roof. You have to make sure all the doors are open first but it works! :)
  • Could someone possibly help me on this?

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