Aww Nuts! Achievement

  • Aww Nuts!



    Hit 100 lifetime nut shots


    As you play through the solo/co-op game, just aim and shoot at your enemies' crotches. The foe will grab his crotch (as seen in the achievement tile) once you have successfully performed a nut shot. This counts on males only, and only if the shot is made during a mission or activity.

    You can check your progress by going to the Pause Menu and selecting 'Info' > 'Diversions' > 'Stunts' > 'Combat Tricks' > click 'Nutshots'.

  • need to be in a mission or activity
  • And it need to be a guy.
  • cant get it in a mission replay...
  • I got mine when replaying the drug trafficking activity from level 4 onwards copious amounts of gang members for multiple nut shot target practice
  • Aim for the balls
  • got to love shooting ppl in the balls :D
  • ohh ?? u have to be in mission u cant just run around and find opposing gangs and Ball pop them?
  • so hard only for 5g the rows are cheap on g's :
  • where can i check the amount of nut shots i have done?
  • @9 I dont think you can, ive been looking for a bit but i dont see a counter for it anywhere, so you have to keep the number in your head
  • @9 and 10 actualy you can see the amount of nutshots you have done already. just go to diversions, stunts, combat tricks, nutshots, and then the first number you see is the amount of nutshots you did.
  • -You must kill 100 gang members with a nut shot. -A "nut shot" star will appear on the right side of your screen. -You do NOT need to be in a mission. -Keep track of your numbers by going to diversions, stunts, combat tricks nutshots.
  • -Cops, pimps and female gang members do NOT count. -I didn't work on the achievement until I had almost all of the territories and activities finished. By then, I had earned 77 nutshots without trying. -I suggest waiting until near the end of the game to do it - less work for you. My tactic was a couple shots to the crotch from a pistol.

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