Stilwater Welcoming Commitee Achievement

  • Stilwater Welcoming Commitee



    Mugged 50 citizens of Stilwater


    In order to mug someone, go up to a civilian on the street, go in their line of sight, and click to enter precision aim. Hold your reticule on the person's torso for several seconds, and they will put their hands up. Keep holding and they will drop their cash and run away. If you attempt this on gang members or cops, they will either ignore or attack you.

    You can check your progress by going to the Pause Menu and selecting 'Info' > 'Diversions' > 'Minigames' > 'Mugging'.

  • To mug a civilian simply zoom in on a pedestrian using Right Click and keep the reticule on them until they drop cash, about 5 seconds. Rinse and repeat 49 more times.
  • Note: If you mug someone infront of a cop you gain a wanted level. You can also not mug someone who is sitting or fleeing. And it takes more like 10 seconds
  • You can mug people sitting just fine, they get up and run towards you, ive just done about 10 or so from people sitting on benches.
  • i mugged 50 people and i unlocked a new homeie for it but i never got the achievement. why?
  • you can also go and check how many you have done so that makes it easier enjoy
  • same thing happened 2 me as karate kid...i got jane so i know i did 50 but i dont hav the achievement..and when i check the stats it says i hav 25 and doesnt change when i do another mugging. any ideas?
  • when you zoom in do you need a weapon, or can you do it with just fists?
  • @Sandro Rodriguez maybe it has to be during a mission like the nut shots. just a thought
  • The easiest place to mug people is the mall.

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