Trash Talker Achievement

  • Trash Talker



    Taunted 50 gang members


    To taunt a gang member, walk up to them and set your reticule on them. Then, hit to perform a taunt. You will know you've done it correctly when your gang notoriety goes up slightly and they attack you.

    The easiest way to get this is to taunt your own gang members. If you equip your pistols so your crosshair shows, look at a gang member. You'll notice that a green X appears. Taunt him until it turns into a red crosshair. From then on out, every taunt counts towards your achievement. The fastest way to do it is to taunt, move your joystick slightly during the taunt to stop the motion, taunt again, move your stick slightly again, and so on. This takes about 3 minutes for the achievement.

    You do not need to taunt 50 different people, just perform 50 taunts. You can check your progress by going to the Pause Menu and selecting 'Info' > 'Diversions' > 'Stunts' > 'Combat Tricks' > click 'Taunting'.

    -Thanks to APerfektFIaw

  • This one is real easy, simply find a Saints member and taunt over and over again. Just did it so its 100% verified.
  • Awesome! Thanks GiftedTucker! I beat everything else and was afraid i would have to play it over again... Fun game, but nahhh.
  • your right it does work thanks
  • I did it I think and nothing happen
  • -Fastest way for me was to find a group of 3-4 gang members and taunt them. Run around them until your notoriety goes down and then retaunt the same group. Having an increased notoriety reduction speed will help. Unlock for: -Ronin: Drug Trafficking, Hotel & Marina -Sons of Samedi: Escort, University -Brotherhood: Trail Blazing, Apartments

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