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    Sung Along to the Radio


    Your character will theoretically sing along to any song, but "Take Me On" by A-Ha seems to be the most common. When driving any vehicle, hit or to tune the radio. Go to "107.77 The Mix FM", and wait for the song to come on. Your character may not sing along the first time, but he eventually will, earning you an achievement.

    If you don't want to wait, go to any music store and buy the song. (under Rock) Then, set up a custom playlist with just that song by going to the Pause Menu > Radio > Playlist Editor > Rock > Take On Me. Then tune your car radio to "My Radio 85.5". After a few minutes, the achievement will unlock.

  • I've found that it's easier to get with "The Final Countdown" by Europe. It also happens to be hilarious. Also, you must start from the beginning of the song.
  • were do u do it at like in a car or in a house for this achievement
  • go to the "Scratch that" store and by "The Final Countdown". then put it in your paylist. then just play it...
  • I got this song instantly by adding The Final Countdown and Take on me to my playlist. And my player didn't even sing to it once.
  • were do u do it at like in a car or in a house for this achievement
  • car or house ???
  • in a car bruh
  • My dude sang by the song "Take Me On or Take On Me" (Whatever its called) while driving, i didn't expect getting the achievement >_>
  • it dosnt work
  • ive lisend to this song 20 times in a row
  • I went on 107.77 and Sister Christian came on, and he started singing. Try staying on 107.77 and soon enough they'll sing alone.
  • I got this first time I flew a helicopter.
  • I have heard my Character sing along multiple times, and nothing... glitch?
  • You have to use a British accent for him to sing along to Final Countdown :D Hope this helps!
  • guys got it 100% work everytime. If you havnt already you need to change your voice to male 2. i have a female but i did it anyway at the plastic surgeon. put take on me as your only tune on the radio playlist "my playlist" and let it play in the car. job done. tryed it on my fiances profile and it worked there too.
  • I did this by having the 'Male 2' voice and playing the song 'Take On Me' in the car. If you don't have the 'Male 2' voice, then go to the plastic surgeon!
  • Female voice 1 song is "Working For The Weekend" on Mix FM.
  • I actually sung along to a song and the achievement popped up I was like wat ahahah
  • was singing a song dont remember which one and the achievement popped up didnt have mic in so confused me for the longest time.
  • You gotta be in a car and sing in ur headset beguinning to end. If you can mumble the words close enough it will accept it.
  • lol my 5 yr old son got this achivement hes autistic n he didnt use a headset nut sure how he did it likes bt hey
  • This is so funny, and get 10gs for it BONUS!
  • You dont use a headset, your character sings it not you. And i will also confirm male voice 2 and "Take Me On" works right away.
  • I jst got it. It is male 2; Take on me the song not final countdown. @ jerseyaccord thx
  • I'm guessing it won't work if I already have beaten the game....
  • Funniest cheevo ever!
  • pointless
  • That's crazy I got it with out even singing lol he started to hum a7x it was weird
  • Add the song you want to test to your custom radio, then play it in a car. The most commonly sung song for all voices and genders is Take On Me. The second most frequently sung songs depend on your characters voice. For: Female voice 1 - Everybody Wants to Rule the World Female voice 2 - The Reflex Female voice 3 - Land Down Under Male voice 1 - The Final Countdown Male voice 2 - Sister Christian Male voice 3 - Working for the Weekend Don't You Forget About Me Go to Image As Designed to view/change your voice.
  • Got it on final countdown :P
  • My character has sung the song 4 times now and no achievement. Getting a little annoyed hearing Take On Me so many times.
  • Sat in a cop car, left Mix 177 or whatever on. It popped as Simple Minds started.
  • I got that instantly lol omg

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