MVP Achievement

  • MVP



    Win the Co-op competitive mission game 5 times


    This time you will need to win the Co-Op game 5 times to unlock this achievement. You may want to boost this with a partner as you will struggle to find a random game by searching due to the lack of an online community. It is easiest to take turns letting each other get all the kills while you wait outside the mission area. After your 5th win the achievement will unlock.

  • somebody who want to boostthis achievement GT: x soef x
  • anyone wanna boost this or any mulitplayer achievements let me know
  • Looking for someone to do the co-op dlc achievements with, message me if you are interested. Gt: whoisdis93
  • Gamertag is K1NG B4NGAR4NG. add me if you are interested in doin this one and other co-op achievements. I need to do them all but trust, I am a very good player and play daily xbox. Hit me upppp

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