Fluffer Achievement

  • Fluffer



    Completed the Ultor Exposed mission arc


    Story related, cannot be missed.

    You just need to complete the 3 story missions of the DLC and upon reaching the final cutscene the achievement will unlock. The missions won't give you much trouble, especially if you have already completed the main game as you will have better weapons and armour.

  • For some reason, no matter what I do, I can't seem to mark this achievement as complete on here. I've tried and tried to no avail, and I wouldn't know where to report this, so just said it here lol.
  • Is this a add on??
  • Yes it is an add on. And Im having the same problem as Lyco
  • how do you get this mission i cant find it anywhere !! do you need co-op ?
  • Delete the achievement list and re-add it it's an old bug on the site.
  • I tried that disable and add it back, didnt work

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