Rookie Stuntman Achievement

  • Rookie Stuntman



    Play the Stuntmen Co-op game once


    Invite your friend to your game, or join their game. Get in to a car, and begin to do stunts. This can be driving into oncoming traffic, jumps, etc, but is easiest to find a long stretch and drive on the wrong side of the road. As soon as you get a silver you will be able to press  to start the Stuntman Co-op game. The game is best 3 out of 5, and the target is to get more stunt points as your opponent. Easy to fix if working with your boosting partner.

  • So u start it by doing a stunt like a jump or whatever...but do u have to be in seperate vehicles? that's what i'm assuming but i've been trying it for a while n can't seem to get it to start.
  • u hav 2 be in seperate cars get silver stars in sumthin like oncoming lane or near miss are easiest then press y when prompted to start it but ive done it loads and yet to get the achievement
  • do you need the DLC for this achievement
  • Yes you need Corprate Warfare I believe. but I recommend you to try Ultor Exposed with Corprate Warfare. And Alright, It's not hard you just need one of the two players to get a silver star on Stunts like Stunt Jumping, Upcoming lain, Near Miss. After getting a silver star that it should say Stuntmen Diversion and accept. do the stunt it says till the end and achievement unlocked
  • I still havent got this one, everyone uses cheats lolz.
  • Any1 wanna help me with this an part for 20 round as well : gt LiL360PLaYa add me if theres any1 willing 2
  • xLiL360PLaYa
  • I need someone to do this with. Add darkenigma75
  • Isn't it nice of people who DID get this, but not come back here and say how it was done (or that it was easy)? It IS very easy. You need a friend with a copy of the game, who can play online (gold account or XBL trial cards will work). If you BOTH need it, it will take a few hours (unavoidable). It's easier to keep track of getting the achievement (and quicker), if one player does nothing, while the active player does the stunts. You need to win 3 of 5 stunts per session, so if one player doesn't compete... it goes much faster. Also, each stunt counts as a win, not just each session... so every session gives you 3 wins! Don't "die" during the stunt event... it will cause it to end and you will have to start the session again. 7 sessions per player should get you both achievement
  • ... achievements related to these co-op stunt events. Also... make sure you have "competitive co-op" turned on (START button, under "CO-OP"), otherwise it won't work!!
  • Anyone wanna do co-op for dlc's let me know... Gt: TropicUniform27

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