Action Hero Achievement

  • Action Hero



    Win 20 rounds in the Stuntmen Co-op game


    Simply win 20 rounds, not games of the Stuntmen minigame. See "Rookie Stuntman" for information of how to play this game.

  • this achievement is a huge pain ive done this many times but have yet to get it...
  • You can see how many you have won on the last page of your statistics
  • Any1 wanna assit me in gettin this i will return the favor gt : LiL360PLaYa Add me if possible
  • If anyone wants to boost this, just message me. GT: o iNFaMyy z
  • Looking for someone to do the co-op dlc achievements with, message me if you are interested. Gt: whoisdis93
  • I looking for some one to do this achievement GT Nadx1mCxNyc

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