Dead Presidents Achievement

  • Dead Presidents



    Complete 'When Good Heists...'.


    Unlocked after completing Act 1 mission When Good Heists Go Bad.

  • Nice reference to Point Break.
  • Is this the achievement for completing 'When Good Heists Go Bad?' If so, I the achievement didn't pop after I completed the mission. I didn't know if the achievement is buggy or if this achievement is a reference to another mission in the game. Can someone please clarify?
  • I didn't get this achievement either. Or any of the other story missions I've done. It's lamesauce.
  • i got this after completing the first mission on the casual difficulty. unless its glitchy i cant see why u dident get it. and btw this game is extremly easy (i had to go to normal to keep the gameplay fun) so try WITHOUT CODES!
  • #3 and #4 ya the first couple missions for the achievements r glitched, only thing u guys can do now is start another file and get them
  • e a s y
  • one of the first and easiest achievements
  • easy as hell
  • Easy achievement
  • can someone please tell me how to upload my info from xbox live
  • Easy :)
  • That easy even I got it!
  • dont use cheat codes or oyu wont get achievements, also if a friend with codes enabled joins your session then this will also stop you from earning them
  • do these count as fourams?
  • wow fail *forums*
  • i didnt get any achievements and it wont let me log into live and i avnt used cheat codes
  • Simple.
  • Easy
  • yes very easy
  • GWG starting May 16!

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