We're Takin' Over Achievement

  • We're Takin' Over



    Complete 'We've Only Just Begun'.


    Unlocked after completing Act 1 mission We've Only Just Begun.

  • Should be very fun
  • story relateed , cant miss, even on casual
  • Do I need to go and shop for weapons? Because I didn't, and I didn't get the achievement.
  • ive replayed this level about 6 times already and i still have not unlocked this achievement. ive tried dashbording>loading up game again and nothing. even started a new game and still nothing. this is the only achievement im missing on the game to reach the full 1000G :/
  • try clearing your hard drive's cache then replaying the mission again offline and not downloading the title update. A few acheevs didnt unlock for me until i did that. still playing thru to get this one tho
  • I've read that it glitches if ur online then it drops out - I think that's what h happened to me, I also had to redo the tower mission to get those ones to pop as well :(
  • Definitely bugged. I just got Titanic Effort and several of the story based achievements have not popped for me. Hopefully they release a patch that fixes these buggy achievements, because it's really annoying.
  • A few story based cheevs didnt unlock for me either, cleared my cache n done them again n they popped

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