Kuh, Boom. Achievement

  • Kuh, Boom.



    Complete Act 1 in another way.


    At the end of the Act 1 finale, The Belgian Problem, you will be given the option to blow up the building or defuse the bomb. Blowing up the building rewards you with a permanent 10% respect bonus and this achievement, while defusing the bomb rewards you with a permanent 10% cash bonus and the Tower Defense achievement.

    Note: You can manually save before reaching the decision. This way you can unlock both achievements without having to replay the game again to this point.

  • Multiple choices?? I love it!
  • I got no problems with having to play SR3 multiple times to get all the achievies.. and I think this will be my choice the first time. X3
  • "In another way"? Oh, I do wonder what other way we can complete Act 1, Mr. Achievement Title and Tile? :D
  • Okay, theres a mission where you either blow up this giant tower, or dont blow up this giant tower, or dont blow it up.Either way you get an achievement. If you do blow it up, you get major respect and it will never be there again, just the ruble. If you dont blow it up, you get to make it into a crib/safehouse and stuff.
  • Hrm... Wonder if this tower is bigger than Ultor Tower....
  • @4: I take it you have the game? Is it as good as we all hope?
  • iv played it and its MADD!
  • Jacked.
  • Basically, the player is to go to the tower that is controlled by the Syndicate. It is one of the largest towers in the game if it isn't the tallest. The player has two approaches to finishing the level, both which alter the game greatly. The player can either go into the tower guns blazing and get the tower as the new Saints HQ, or they can detonate the entire tower and it will be nothing but ruins.
  • Yeah, this achievements glitched for me... I kept the building first time through. Completed. I then started a new game and chose to blow up the buidling. Achievment didn't pop... It's annoying too as it's the second to last achievement i need for 1000g...
  • i should start over so i can get this one
  • I can't get this one, even if I start a new game.
  • GT buy me Doritos if anyone wants to start a new game i will do the same also missed the stag challenge need that too
  • Yeah I started a new game to get this one and it didn't unlock..
  • If anyone has a save just before this mission can you invite me to a co-op game please? GT: LongLostLegendx I will try to help with any other achievements Thanks
  • I do have it... the most fun game i have owned in years.... well worth the game play, and i get to do it again just makes it even better. :)
  • if your wondering whether to take the money or the respect bonus, take the money bonus, youll get plenty of respect by doing the missions and side missions
  • Just make a separate save file during this mission and simply do it twice, playing through with the moral option of your choice.
  • I would like to join someone's co-op game right before this point so I can keep the tower up
  • Just save right before you make the decision and you can load back and get both achievements without replaying the whole act again.
  • aigghttt another 1000g game. 10th :)
  • Like most people I saved the tower, so got Tower Defense instead and missed this one. It's stupid when developers do that to achievements. Fortunately, you can rush through the game to this point on Casual difficulty (literally running past most enemies) in about an hour if you really want 'Kuh, Boom' (shouldn't it be Ka-boom!?). Didn't bother with the 3 long achievements (car thefts, assassinations and all the challenges) as I've never used the phrase, "F*cking sh*tty game!!!!", this much ever before. You constantly die or fail a mission due to terrible controls, bad gameplay and stupid AI. 5/10.

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