kill-deckers.exe Achievement

  • kill-deckers.exe



    Complete 'http://deckers.die'.


    Unlocked after completing Act 2 mission https://deckers.die.

  • This is the Tron mission?
  • Almost definitely.
  • I'm going to save everyone the trouble right now and say that that url doesn't go anywhere.
  • Probably because the game isn't out yet, and it will be working once it launches maybe?
  • Hey, uh, .die isn't a proper domain, guys.
  • lol at @3 @4 @5 :P
  • This was the third mission released to the public. In this mission, Kinzie Kenzington was able to get a machine that could get the player/ boss into the Deckers usernet online. If he took to much shock from it though, he would be able to die. The player starts out as a toilet on the level as some humor, then turned to a pixelated woman in a bikini, then finally a tron-like figure. He is to go through the Deckers' usernet world. There, the player fights Matt Miller's godly avatar in the computer. The player must obviously defeat it. Then, it will probably end with Matt Miller suffering to much shock waves from his machine and go brain dead in the outside world. This probably leads to the downfall of the Deckers section of the Syndicate seeing how their leader is now brainless. Sorry if this
  • it didn't unlock for me...
  • Okay no achievments are not nulocking for me no more, say i got 100 percent on downtown ditrict and it didn't unlock did all the mayhem activities, it didn't unlock if anyones havin same problem msg me gt Conkeh
  • Just did it, no achievement. That's three in a row now!
  • In case anybody was wondering, the Binary code at the end when you complete it says "boob"
  • no unlock for me either....
  • didnt unlock for me either...
  • this mission dosent work on mine am at the bit where youve to kill the guys avatar when a shoot him he just disapears is anyone else like this or jst me
  • im having that problem too, the guys avatar just vanishes
  • YUP, he disappeared, and that was that...
  • I was laughing so hard at the commentary during the text adventure part. My character has the British accent so it wounded like something out of a Guy Richie film
  • Hated this one...but agree with #18! Commentary was hilarious.
  • For those who are having issues with the guy's avatar vanishing, clear your system cache and play the mission offline, then once you've finished it you can redownload the latest patch. (Which is apparently what caused this bug)
  • hated this mission glad the was achievement
  • Boss avatar Disappeared too :(
  • He disappears after two shots than the main character goes "oh shit" and that's it,how do we get around this drivin me nuts lol
  • Same thing too. Not cool...
  • Just to confirm that #20's method of clearing your cache and playing off line fixes the disappearing boss. Pissed me off soooo much until I checked here.
  • to confirm #26's confirmation... #20's 'clear cache and play offline' does indeed work. great mission when you actually get to fight the boss.
  • This is the best part of the game
  • I had to start a new save and play it online once I got internet again to get achievements to unlock. 4 of them glitched on me. Then 2 unlocked as I loaded the game. This will be my next mission achievement, so I'll be saving it before I start just incase.
  • The one good thing about buying this game 2 years after it was released is not having to deal with bugs/patches messing up the continuity.

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