Titanic Effort Achievement

  • Titanic Effort



    Complete Act 2.


    Unlocked after completing the Act 2 finale, My Name is Cyrus Temple.

  • finished stag party and deckers die but this didnt pop?
  • same here will be re doing as had a save before think it might be the next mission after these ?
  • After what mission should this unlock? I just completed 'Air Steelport', or whatever i it's called in English, but I haven't got this yet.
  • unlocks after "my name is cyrus temple"
  • This achievement is known to be glitchy. Make sure you are connected to XBOX LIVE before you start this mission and don't get disconnected until the end in order to get it to unlock.
  • its [email protected]!* that I had to play the game twice and still get this problem
  • Anyone want to play with me?

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