Once Bitten... Braaaaaaains Achievement

  • Once Bitten... Braaaaaaains



    Complete 'Zombie Attack'.


    Unlocked after completing Act 3 mission Zombie Attack.

  • a sequal to the zombie video game from SR2?
  • sounds like it - that zombie game sucked tho at least for me and everyone i tried to play through it with
  • i never liked very much the zombie game in sr2
  • or maybe the citizens of steelport get infected somehow (this is SR after all!) and and there's a mass slaughter.
  • i think this is like those wierd giant guys that are in the pictures. plz correct me if im wrong but dont call me stupid
  • @5 If you are talking about the ones in tank tops and look stuffed with steroids, those are brutes. Brutes are clones of Oleg Kirrlov, a member of the Saints who is around 7 ft. tall, kills with his immense strength, and likes chess. The Syndicate saw him as a powerful figure, so they kidnapped him and made clones for an unstoppable army. The clones, however, have much less intelligence than the origianl Oleg.
  • @6 thanks for clearing it up i wasnt sure
  • i think this is a mission, cause V-Singular made a reference that zombies would be linked to the storyline somehow, and @6 i think those are also part of a dlc mission arc called "the problem with clones" aswell as the main story
  • Whoever at Volition thought it was a good idea to make fire zombies that you can't outrun without sprinting, keep touching you after you're on fire to keep you on fire, and cut your sprint duration back to basic despite how many upgrade you have bought can kiss my ass and lick my balls. This mission fucking sucks!
  • This is glichy i did this and i dumped the zombies in the river and i dident get it or am i doing some thing wrong can some one help me plz
  • to answer the question, yes its story based.
  • it didn't unlock for me either. i was kicked off xbox live and appearently you have to be signed in. also ealier i had nine achievements not unlock until i shut off my console and restarted the gane.
  • this was crazy .. but was def kool to have zombs in the storyline tho
  • can any body help me get this becuz i didnt get no achievement when i was doing this , add my gamertag MicksterHD thanks.... :)
  • Can someone message me how i can fix this? : I completed saints row the third, but i only do have like 3 achievements, but i completed all the missions.. So i gotta have murderbrawl and this achievement? Anyone know's what's the problem?
  • Same here, finished game, but don't have Murderbowl and Zombie achievments. :(
  • This one was kind of annoying. Took me a while to get it haha.
  • This mission is so frustrating..

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