Murderbrawl 31 Achievement

  • Murderbrawl 31



    Complete 'Murderbrawl XXXI'.


    Unlocked after completing Act 3 mission Murderbrawl XXXI.

  • can some one help me i dident get it when i defeted killbane (and bye the way i let him tap out to learn the ways of the apoco fist or do i have to un mask him plz help)
  • it happened to me too! I took both the options but I had problems with the internet so I guess that's why I did not get it .. is there any possibility to restart the mission, like it was on saints row 2?
  • A bunch - maybe all - of the storyline achievements in this game seem to be glitched; I didn't get three or four of them first time I did the mission myself. Each time it happened to me, I loaded my save game from before doing the mission and did it again, and the achievement popped. I guess the answer is to save often. As a wrestling fan I was kinda disappointed by the final part of this mission... I wanted to be able to run the ropes and try the Awesome Button melee attacks...
  • Got this achievement fine. Although it took me forever to finish it. It wsnt hard I just kept letting Killbane do moves on me as they are epic. BTW i took his mask just so i could set people on fire.
  • I don't know why people have difficulty in gaining the mission-related ones. So far, they all popped for me. Maybe because you are playing online and have some difficulty with the connection or something like that. That being said, it still is a glitch as you all say and a very boring one. I liked that mission because I'm a wrestling fan. Very easy, got it on first try. I also eliminated a lot of luchadores with melee attacks for the "eliminate 25 gang members with melee attacks" challenge. I forgot this one, so that's a good way to catch up.
  • I got all the achievements fine just make sure your connected to xbox live.
  • lots of the older comments are about glitched achievements but the more rcent ones seem to be about them not being glitched. As i'm borrowing this game from a mate, i'm guessing that there must've been a patch at some point to fix them

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