Mr. Fury Would Be Proud Achievement

  • Mr. Fury Would Be Proud



    Complete Act 3 in one way.


    See Gangstas... In Space!

  • complete act 3 in one way. -- Hmm, does this mean there is more than one way to complete this?
  • Volition has stated that there are going to be two options when completing acts. Each option unlocks something different.
  • multiple choice. -- I like it.
  • I first read this as "Mr. Furry Would Be Proud". xD
  • if I knew who Mr. Fury was I could probably venture a guess what happens.
  • might be complete in co-op and single player
  • well i think this might be glitchy. i saved after the mission murderbrawlxx1 and played thru this mission picking the option that sent you into space. after completing the mission gangstas in space acheevo popped up. then the game says you can use the phone to replay the last mission to see the other ending. i did that completing the mission again but picking the ending that u shoot the plane with the rocket launcher. NO ACHEVEMENT so i went back to my murderbrawl save and again played the mission picking the shoot the plane ending and stillll no acheevo WTF!!
  • @ #8 I just saved after muderbrawl, and just created a different save file, one for each ending. got my achievement that way, it might not pop up if you do the opposite ending within the same mission save.
  • @8 it should i completed both in 1 go. started the Mr fury mission right after I saved shaundi. I have both.
  • @8 You know, if you choose the option where you kill Killbane, there is another mission you have to do after that, involving STAG. That's how you get this achievement.
  • I got a feeling i know who Mr Fury is.....Nick Fury a nod at Marvel Comics S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • Has anyone else experienced this? *Spoilers* After I completed the game (I chose to save Shaundi) it gave me the option to play the mission again so I could experience the other ending. So I shoot people for about 20 minutes and finally got to the part where you kill Killbane just before he takes off. A cutscene then appears and straight after the cutscene, my objective is "Kill Killbane"... anyways, I've punched him and he's just died straight away. (I think there's supposed to be a quick battle where you smash his head off different shit) However, it won't let me move. My character just remains in the fighting stance, and I can't escape it. :/ Any tips of how I can solve this glitch?
  • same glitch as above!
  • Same as #13 dam this game is glitchy!
  • same as #13 and not found away around it so looks like i am going to have to play though it again
  • i'm trying quitting then dashboarding then loading my revert save as i saved right before the mission. I'll report on what happens as soon as I finish the level again.
  • nope no success... I really don't want to play the whole campaign again for one achievement >.
  • ^ to above ...seems the game is quite glitched i found that if u just turn off your xbox it seems to fix the has for me afew times (mainly the nyte blayde mission)
  • For those having trouble with not getting this achievement. After you choose the ending where you go after Killbane you will end up at the airport. From there go to your phone and you will have 1 more mission called "Stag Party". Once you complete that you should get this achievement after the credits and the rewards. (and the name of the achievement is a reference to "Nick Fury", the leader of "Shield" in Marvel comics as (spoiler) "Stag Party" is a battle on a flying fortress like the one "Shield" has.)
  • correction to my above comment. The final mission is called "Stag Film". "Stag Party" is earlier in the game.
  • I think the name of this one was changed. When I did this I got an achievement called "Too Close to the Son" with the same achievement picture. Wonder if Disney didn't like a Marvel characters name being in this.
  • Which is odd, considering "Mr. Fury" doesn't seem descriptive enough to warrant a complaint. It doesn't reference any particular man with the last name "Fury".
  • ya wtf i guess they changed the achievement name cuz i got "Too Close to the Son" instead
  • this is one of the last one i need if anyone would let me join their game 2 get that would be awesome cuz i forgot to do this achievement and do not want 2 start another game
  • I think it was changed due to a law suit from marvel :/ kinda stupid really
  • @26 Was changed bc marvel wanted to screw saints over.
  • This achievement has been renamed to "Too Close to the Son"
  • Did not unlock for me... what the hell?
  • Oh, my bad. There was a second part.
  • Yeah, this achievement popped for me as "Too Close to the Son". Was pretty confused at first.
  • Yea I got the same thing pissed me off they need to change the name to this to something like "Mr. Fury Would Be Proud/Too close to the son" might help to keep the confusion down. Since this is a free with Gold game

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