Gangstas... In Space! Achievement

  • Gangstas... In Space!



    Complete Act 3 in another way.


    At the end of the mission Three Way you will have to decide to save Shaundi and let Killbane escape or kill Killbane and let Shaundi die. You will unlock this achievement if you save Shaundi then complete the mission Gangstas in Space, and you will unlock Mr. Fury Would Be Proud if you kill Killbane then complete the mission STAG Film.

    Note: Unlike the achievements for The Belgian Problem you do not to do a save/reload to unlock both. The game isn't over until you complete Three Way both ways, so you're already guaranteed both.

  • Saints Row is going into space? How is this not going to be Game of the Year?
  • I smell Portal 2 reference...
  • Im guessing one way is taking down stag (due to the picture) and im guessing this one has something to do with...SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE IM DOIN IT THIS WAY!!!1
  • Wtf gangstas in space lmao come on these achievements are f-in hilarious. Game of the year for sure. As well as Skyrim.
  • Holy shit, this isn't a Portal 2 reference kids.
  • This probably has to do with Red Faction in some way R.I.P. Red Faction
  • maybe this means that the second ending for this is maybe if you dont demolish stag then maybe they will give you a space station i mean they are the government
  • I don't know for sure, but it may be possible that the first way means that the STAG would be taken down and wouldn't appear to stop the player anymore, making the game much easier. The alternate way may mean that the Saints either take down a STAG satellite, or small station. They then have access to weapons like airstrikes, predator missiles, etc.
  • @ #1 this is already game of the year for me :D!!!!
  • It turns out that there will be a mission/ option to possibly destroy/ takeover The main STAG base which is an air carrier. Cyrus, the leader of the STAG will most likely be there and you will have to kill him. Once this is done, the STAG will probably have to leave having no one to run the division.
  • I'm in space.
  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this a Muppets reference? Pigs... In Space!
  • "predator missile online"!
  • @ 13 You are correct. Other people wrong.
  • Something makes me think this isnt a reference at all, and maybe people should stop saying it is, after all SR doesnt need to make references, it's an original game. In case anyone cares, gangstaz in space is a comic johnny gat created
  • Its a movie set, set in space in honor of johnny u take on the role of the main character in the movie and kill killbane
  • you do the gangstas in space mission if you let killbane keep his mask in murderbrawl 31 and then choose to save shaundie and viola during the mission "Three Way", which is what I did but after completing "Gangstas in Space" i did not get the achievement. @13 the Muppets you are thinking of is Muppets From Space not "in Space". and @16 look at the Hitman/Assassination achievement, "Everything is Permitted" a direct reference to Assassin's Creed. The second line of the creed they follow "Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted...."
  • @18 you don't have to take of killbane's or let him keep it. it's the last decision you have to make and you have to choose if you save shaundi or you don't, if you save her you get this if not you get the other one, I suggest this one since you can replay this infinitly untill you pick the other side.
  • @19 I did choose to save shaundi but after completing that you go into space kill killbane find out its the making of a movie. achievement should pop up it didnt, played the mission three way only option was to get killbane did that got the achievement MR Fury Would Be Proud. all in all this games achieve's are really glitchy. as i also didnt get murderbrawl or zombie attack even though i am 100% done the game
  • i didnt get this one or the other one
  • Didn't get this either :/
  • once you've completed three way and completed the game, you go back to free roam and if you go to your phone again, there is one more mission, which is the alternate ending :)
  • IT'S AN IN GAME REFERENCE PEOPLE. In one of the Act 2 missions when you go to a comic store you find out Johnny had made a comic about the Saints called Gangstas In Space. Thank you have a nice day.
  • @24 The name of the mission is Convoy Decoy I think.
  • @24 and others I'm not saying so, but is anyone even considering maybe the in game referenced comic book is in itself a references / combination of references
  • During the mission there's also a great reference to Star Wars. Very good game and nice achievements list.
  • So I did murderbraw 31 and took his mask. Did three way then the mission and killed killbane. after that mission and got 'Too close to son'. If i want the gangstas in space do I have to let killbane keep his mask and then I have to save shaundi?
  • I got this achievement for saving Shaundi...
  • Haha, this was a pretty fun little mission! Loved it!

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