Hanging With Mr. Pierce Achievement

  • Hanging With Mr. Pierce



    Complete all City Takeover gameplay in the Downtown district.


    See Bright Lights, Big City

  • cant find last 2 gang ops
  • Oh me too!! It's driving me nuts. If anyone can help me out that would be great. Gamertag: Frostys Queen
  • There is one hidden next to property High Rise Condos next to water on top of cargo crates
  • by train tracks
  • The other hidden is nearly center of map. On rooftop of a high white building. next to a blue archway with faces that is over the freeway
  • 100% and no cheevo, this game is as bad as dead island with glitchy achievments.
  • Dm i saved and then dashboarded and reloaded my save and the cheevo popped up.
  • If the achievement doesn't pop up log out of XBL then go back to the game
  • i have one stupid gang operation left its the one next to fill-her up super toy shop. ive looked everywhere and i cant find it anyone know where it is or knows a site with a map with all locations on it ? it would be very helpful
  • Go to the Fill Her Up Toy Shop so that you are standing at the top of the tower (on the icon) and North symbol is directly below you (so you are directly south of the icon). If you go to the side road that goes by the side of the freeway its easier. On the mini map, looking up (south) you will see a rectangular block building. Further (up / south), you will see another building that is in the rough form of a fat cross / plus sign. They are the top of the building. Might help if you fly up the right (west) side. If they are not there, sign out, sign back in. I've noticed that whenever your GPS stops working, the game will crash soon after. Hope that helps!
  • 96% with only what bit left and i dont no how get it as you can't buy it D=
  • On Top of a castle looking building not the extra tall ones tho. just fly around the area you will see them
  • If you buy the upgrade does it still give you the achievement?
  • Have a look at your map and find the spots that are not coloured in,(As U know the map colour will change as complete areas);Once U have traveled to the un-coloured area just look around the area.Make sure U stay in the uncoloured zone.U will find the gang operation-Ur welcome

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