Hack the Planet Achievement

  • Hack the Planet



    Complete all City Takeover gameplay in the Stanfield district.


    See Bright Lights, Big City

  • Yo this is straight up old school like from my childhood years, it's a reference to the movie "Hackers" lmao they they did there homework. God I want this game NOW damn it.
  • haha ya i noticed that to Hackers was a great movie
  • Fyi I couldn't add my gamertag to my old account so I just made a new X360account on here minus the 420. Had to have my gamercard
  • Well we all know what gang THIS territory belongs too :D
  • Never seen this film, however i picked it up afew days ago for just £0.99 ... mainly because of Angelina Jolie ... after reading this i have a sudden urge to watch it now!
  • didn't unlock what the hell.
  • And if you kill Killbane, the Luchy's won't appear again until you do this gang clearance.
  • u have to do all activities, all missions, all collectibles, all gang oparations, and buy all shops :)

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