You're the Best... Achievement

  • You're the Best...



    Complete all City Takeover gameplay in the Carver Island district.


    See Bright Lights, Big City

  • cant seem to unlock the other half of Port Pryor, unlocked the right hand side of the map but cant seem to find were to unlock the left hand side of it, help appreciated. - Buu
  • Yeah for some reason some pieces of this area dosent let me unlock it like nothings there saying i need 2 more activities but its not comeing up
  • #2 Maybe you haven't unlocked the activities yet. I'm at work right now, so I can't check, But IIRC on Carver island there's activities of Mayhem, Insurance Fraud, Genki and probably more. You'll have to do half of the activities that are available for the other ones to unlock. So try doing some of those activities on the other islands. This one glitched on me last night though, Completed all the activities on the island (the last one being the gang operation on the boat) and got a scene with the MC calling Angel, but no achievement popped. :(
  • Buu Problem last night. I had that gang operation as my last 4% to take over the island and thought it was glitched. Found out this morning that you have to discover the gang operations and the last one in that area is on a boat within the left side of Port Pryor. That was my last and hopefully its your too, hope this helped. - DOOM 75
  • Ok, I'm stuck on this one too... I've finished the game, done all activities, The whole map is highlighted purple, yet this area is saying its still not complete.
  • @4 Is right the gang operation in fort prior is needed for a complete takeover. it's it's at the far left at the very botem. there are 2 boats there.
  • have you bought all the stores/shops? if your missing something the legend at the side will say what ...
  • For anyone still look for these idiots. Port Pryor, bottom left boat - the with the tied down bunny thing. From the air, you want to hover low, they are in the middle on the sand coloured cargo holds between the small two high stack of containers and the bunny.
  • I like this title. It's probably a reference to how, after you take out the 4 wrestlers using the RC Possessor, Killbane goes on about how you're not the best, and he is. Cute.
  • I think it's glitched for me too. I bought all the stores/shops, completed all activities and gang hideouts. The whole area is highlighted in purple, but I didn't get the achievement.

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