Ouch. Achievement

  • Ouch.



    Complete all instances of Insurance Fraud.


    Instances: 6
    For this activity you have to rack up a certain amount of points by throwing yourself into oncoming vehicles. Push or when you are about to be hit to activate a rag-doll like mode. You will often get launched up into the air so try to aim yourself to bounce off of another vehicle. Your point counter will keep going up as long as you don't touch the ground.

    Try running at a vehicle head on, push to roll, and then push mid roll. This techniques launches you at the car at a faster speed and gives you more points.
    If you are close to the total points that are needed, but the time is running out, you can repeatedly hit to drop to the floor and get anywhere between 300-600 points for every drop. Even if time as up, the activity doesn't end as long as you're scoring points.

    You should also try driving at a vehicle head on while in a light vehicle. You will likely get ejected from the vehicle, scoring good points while also working on the Windshield Cannon challenge.

  • Yeah, that's a nice way to explain this acitvitiy.. if ya like speaking in understatements. :p
  • haha insurance fraud is easy and its hella fun to lol i remember doing it in the other games
  • Cool. Once I found out the easy way to complete these missions (playing frogger on the highway) I had a blast. Hope they are still has crazy!
  • My favourite activity in SR2 cant wait to see what they've done with it this time.
  • I found the easiest way was to take a bike, and play chicken on the highway myself :D
  • my game must have glitched i have done all the insurance frauds activities and still no achievement :(.
  • Please Help my 6th insurance fraud activity isnt showing up. thats stoping me from getting 3 acheivements (Ouch, Your The Best...., and Bright Lights, Big City) & i redid all 5 activities
  • The easiest way to get ALOT of money in this one is to find a car going full speed (easy of the highway) and try and get your body to glitch into the front of the car. If you do it perfectly then you will get alot of money. The most i got was $537,000!!!
  • Can you achieve this in two player
  • @9 yes you can...easy way is to have a car and one player keeps running over the second player
  • These events are very easy. All you have to do is run into trafic and go into ragdoll using RT or LT. Then, move your body in the air towards other cars using the left thumbstick. I got them all on the first try.
  • I am having difficulties on two of these, both are hard difficulty. Any special way of completing them?

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