Tune In, Drop Off Achievement

  • Tune In, Drop Off



    Complete all instances of Trafficking.


    Instances: 6

    In this activity your job is to defend your homie while he drives around to make deals at set locations while you have cops and gangs after you. While your homie is driving, try to kill the driver of cars chasing you to get them off of your tail. When you make it to a destination, get out and stay close to your homie. This becomes very easy once you have upgraded your weapons, and especially if you are invincible and have infinite ammo.

  • First
  • Second
  • Third. OMG double comment all the way. It's starting to look like a triple comment
  • fourth.. crap >.< lol not even in the rankings. love this game though! :P
  • ****Tip**** To make the harder missions easier fully upgraded the flash bangs to fart in a jar then continuously launch them to keep the enemy from recovering and if you toss it into the pursuing vehicles they will wreck

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