And Boom Goes the Dynamite Achievement

  • And Boom Goes the Dynamite



    Complete all instances of Heli Assault.


    Instances: 6

    In this activity you have to defend one of your homies as they drive to set locations, this time while piloting a helicopter. Pay attention to your mini-map and kill every enemy that appears. You should us the mini-gun primarily, shooting rockets only when you are locked-on to an enemy.

  • Please let the helicoptors be a LOT better programmed in this game.. PLEASE.
  • ^agree
  • this is from family guy clevland says it in a episode where peter an lois date other people and peter moves in with cevland and he did his wife that night and he said boom goes the dynamiteits also a ver y popular phrase within over dozen of movies
  • @3: It's actually from a youtube vid. Look it up and you'll see what I'm talking about.
  • @3 and anyone else, really: if you say "this is from Family Guy," you are wrong because everything on Family Guy is originally from Youtube.
  • only the hard ones will cause trouble as the last two stops have lots more cars on the homie, i suggest trying to do as many but if you sanity is going, use the stag take over as far as i know one is earned via leveling and 40k the other is from i heart nyteblade mission with choosing to give nyte boi back to stag.
  • U can't use anything else others than the helicopter u start with I'm really stuck I have finished everything on the game but if I don't do this last heli mission I can't get the 3 acivements left to get and it's driving me mad it's the hard heli mission where u have to do six stops with the women any advice as it's driving me round the bend and when u look at my save file it shows 99% gutting when u no its just that last mission :( please help
  • Dear Volition, Thank you for making Heli Assault a LOT more fun. WHile I don't care for the no tracking missle helicoptors, the guns are a Lot easier to do, the helicoptors are easier to control (I actually sruvived after slamming my helicoptor against a wall and getting it stuck! Not only that, my homies aren't the sitting ducks they were in the last game! Thanks to you, I no longer fear Heli Assault, but rather welcome it. Love, Akira Katayama.
  • Grrr
  • these missions flatout suck
  • even on casual this is stupidly hard... theres always one activity like this on these sort of games
  • Just started this game four days ago. I'm loving everything about it except Heli-Assault. Hating these missions already. Dumbass in the car might live longer if he actually tried some evasive driving and didn't stop for [email protected]' chips. Amazing that the rest of the game is so much fun, but this...isn't.
  • The last two activities haven't shown up. I completed the game as well. Is there a certain way to unlock them ?

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