Fence Killa 2011 Achievement

  • Fence Killa 2011



    Complete all instances of Mayhem.


    Instances: 6

    In this activity you have to rack up a certain amount of points by causing as much damage as possible. You will usually be given an RPG with infinite ammo, if not then infinite frag grenades, so spam that sucker to your heart’s content. Fences, trash cans, and other small items are your best friend - they don't give much money individually, but they increase your multiplier (and thus your money) insanely fast.

  • Tongue-in-cheek reference to how many, including myself, completed the Mayhem challenges in Saints Row 2, Simply destroy fences due to how easy it was and how much money you earned from the multipliers. Kind of a 'Fifa, 9 Fifa 10, Fifa 11, Fifa, 12' reference as well
  • LMAO It's So True
  • I love you Volition :)
  • Haha, that's probably the best name on this achievement list. That's how you win in Saints Row, that's how you win in Saints Row 2, and that's what I immediately did here. And seriously, why are these text boxes not fixed yet?! It's been over a year, how hard is it to change the length of a damn text box?!
  • Also happens to be (in the 1st instance) you are disrupting Deckers Fence operations with this :D
  • I am stuck on the zombie one... Any tips? I am always a little short of passing it.
  • I've completed mayhem and never came across a zombie one...
  • if ur still having trouble with the zombie one use the plane with the lazer. just hover and fry its pretty easy
  • its glicthed for me. i cant find the 1 one the zombie island.
  • @9 are you sure you completed the other instances, if you didn't, this one is not available
  • use a tank its really easy just kill kill kill lol only used it on one mission so far think i mite have some trouble gettin it over the bridge to zombie island ill give it a gd go though
  • I did the one on Zombie Island well before there were even zombies on there... I just went up and down the main street near the starting point, destroying all the cars with airstrikes - then when I got to the end and turned around, they'd all respawned. Also, taking out Luchadors helped. All the other Hard/Medium Mayhems, I reverted to good ol' fire-rocket-launcher-at-fence tactics...
  • three words: use a tank
  • Tank Homie is a godsend. Level 26 and you're set on Mayhem.
  • Can these be completed in Co-op or must they be done solo?
  • my tank dissapears when i start the activity!
  • my tank didn't
  • @6 Use your rocket launcher and destroy every Luchadore trucks that you see. Doing this will net you half what you need to get through the event. To complete this, go up the map and shoot on every fence that you see. I did not play a lot SR1 and SR2 so I did not know that shooting at fences would give that much money. I did this today and I got it quite esaily.
  • Is this even possible once you've unleashed the zombies ?
  • @19 yes it is, that area has a plethora of fences just shoot them all in quick succession and you pass it
  • I had no idea about the fence ._. I just used a city take over I bought in the upgrades to use on the zombie island area after I couldn't complete that mayhem activity oh well it was the last one. I needed anyways

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