Double Dose of Pimping Achievement

  • Double Dose of Pimping



    Complete all instances of Snatch.


    Instances: 6

    In this activity your job is to drive around, pick up some prostitutes, and drive them to a select destination. The prostitutes are usually guarded by gang members so you will have to deal with them first before you call the prostitutes to your vehicle. Quickly dispatch the gang members in order to call the prostitutes to your car by pushing . Drive fast and use a four door car so you can recruit up to three at a time. The drop off point will be insanity, so just smash your way through. Once they are out of your car they are counted as collected, so get out of there.

  • Will you also receive a double dose of incarceration?
  • You'll receive a double dose of idiot NPCs who stand around with their thumbs up their asses instead of getting in the damn car.
  • they seem to take forever to get in the car sometimes I don't even know where they r before i need to revive them.
  • This whole instance is total bs, the ai is the same as it was in sr2 bloomin awfull ! the hard ones will cause serious anger issues as i agree the ho's are slow as [email protected]@k i recomment getting the 'blade' car pimping it with every reinforcement and torque boost and also if you can have max upgrades on a rifle or smg dueling will aid you and rpg's for the brutes cos they are a pain in the butt co-op wise i suggest the host will get the hoes the buddy should drive his own car.
  • This achievement has glitched for me, I've completed all 6 instances and no Achievement. Anyone know how to fix this without starting again? I haven't used cheats, so that can't be the problem!
  • Don't worry, just got it, took a while to pop up, about 45 mins after completing it?!? Strange?
  • this one is easiest on co-op
  • WOW it was even easier than the one in SR2! I did 4 of them by myself and it was sooo easy and then i did the final two with my friend and we just breezed through it.
  • I did some of the hard ones by freeing the hos, killing some of the guys around them, then driving away til it says are abandoning your followers. Turned around and they were running after me, out of the group of bad guys.
  • Finally got this. Stopping the cars with the Hos in it was a pain in the ass, but I found the best way to free the stationary Hos was to drive right into them on the sidewalk. They take some damage, but the gang members are usually instant kills, making the Hos available to get into the car immediately. Still takes them 20 seconds to do it, but....
  • Nice Idiocracy reference. U-P-G-R-A-Y-E-D-D
  • these are so annoying. but i found a way that can make it a little easier. I on a few occasions when i was near a store i owned, i'd run in to get notoriety down, i was even able to free the ladies, run into a store to clear notoriety and pick them up and drive them home with no hassle

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