Porkchop Sandwiches Achievement

  • Porkchop Sandwiches



    Complete all instances of Trail Blazing.


    Instances: 3 Trail Blazing, 3 Cyber Blazing

    There are two variations of this activity: either you're driving an ignited ATV through the city or a motorcycle through a Tron-like tube. Either way the goal is to make it through all the checkpoints before time runs out. In the ATV, you get additional time for all the civilians and vehicles you hit, and on the chopper you get additional time for driving through the blue tanks. For trail blazing just go as fast as you can, and take advantage of nitrous in all vehicles if you have it. For Cyber Blazing just avoid the firewalls.

  • Goddamn this one XD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4OPr_QxoFg
  • Awesome cheevo name.
  • they are definitely fans of those videos. Porkchop Sandwiches and Stop all the Downloading.. Both references.
  • Hahahahaha, this is my favorite GI Joe PSA :D I laughed so hard when i got the achievement. Best achievement list this year imo :)
  • I have one more to beat. I need help! Ha. I just can't get past it. Anyone willing to help with activities?
  • i hate this activity I never beat it in the 2nd game.
  • There is a pretty big luck factor to this one when it comes to pedestrians and cars being spawned in your path. If you're struggling, just keep trying and look for the long lines of people on the sidewalk. After trying the hard ATV one about 10 times, I finally got a huge group of people on the sidewalk and ended up finishing with almost a minute left on the clock.
  • this cheev never popped up when i finished all of them
  • Last one I need for a total of 3 cheeves and 125GS. Can't friggin do it. Furthest I get on the fourwheeler is 9/12 on hard... It's driving me nuts.
  • I got them all on first try. They were easy to me but I have to admit that if you don't have a lot of trafic on the ATV ones, it's harder to nail them.
  • The ATV one is so hard I can't beat it :(
  • Got it yes
  • this activity was awesome in sr2, they ruined it in the 3rd
  • The ATV one is what stands between me and getting this to pop surely there's a set path to follow or is it complete luck of the draw ?
  • @15 are you serious? I HATED this activity in sr2, it's the only activity other than heli assault that I hadn't completed. Atleast they made it semi-manageable in this game, but they should have left it out IMO.
  • I hate this activity with a passion I can't begin to describe. Do the devs sit around a table and ask themselves "okay, how can we take this entertaining and hilarious game and suck the joy out of it entirely, making players want to scream and rage quit? Anyone? What's that? A ridiculously difficult driving activity with lots of natural barriers to hang up the players? Great stuff! And a wonky camera that has them staring at sky when they hit stuff so that they lose precious time? Fabulous! Let's do that...and let's make them do it in ten seconds less than we can. Hell, let's even throw in an annoying alarm as they run out of time...really rub their noses in it" Hate. This.
  • Buy the nitrous upgrade and push down LS to use the nitrous when in/on a vehicle. I had the hardest time with this activity until I figured out you can use nitrous.
  • @19 you are a genius sir....holy crap i am going to try this tomorow got to pissed off today!

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