Go Into the Light Achievement

  • Go Into the Light



    Complete all instances of Guardian Angel.


    Instances: 2

    In this activity your job is to, yet again, defend your homie as they move to a set location. There are two parts: while your homie is driving, you are following in a chopper and you have to blow up all the pursuing vehicles. The angle sucks at times but this is still pretty simple, especially if you have homing rockets. Once your homie stops and gets out of the car you are sniping from a nearby building. If you’re having trouble sniping the targets, put 7-8 sniper bullets in their cars to quickly blow up their vehicle before they even get out.

    Note: You will get this by just by progressing through story.

  • ooooou a new activity? can't wait :)
  • its maybe the one where you have to protect a celebrity
  • FOUND OUT! its a new activity where angel, makes you drive a car whilst there's a TIGER in the back its a test of your driving skills, if you crash or hit another car it starts t maul you, if you do it in co-op your partner can try to calm the tiger down whilst hes in the back seat. I actually want to try this more than professor Genki :D
  • wow sounds crazier than professor genki's activity!!
  • Is this what tigers dream of?
  • To prove to Angel that you have the capability to take on the Luchadores, he tasks you to prove your skill by making you drive a vehicle as a wild tiger sits in the passenger seat. The tiger will attack the player if he/she crashes or hits something/ someone while driving.
  • #3 and 6 are wrong. It's just protecting another member of the Saints with a rocket launcher and sniper rifle.
  • #7 is correct :)
  • 'much like heli assault but instead you are not flying the heli but use weapons.
  • you get it during the campaign defending pierce then that FBI chick forget name been a bit since I played the game

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