Tank You Very Much Achievement

  • Tank You Very Much



    Complete all instances of Tank Mayhem.


    Instances: 6

    Like normal Mayhem, the goal is to destroy absolutely everything, this time while in a tank. Fences, trash cans, and other small items are still the great for increasing your multiplier, but your main priority here is the people or vehicles marked in red, which give a tonne of points. This is a very easy activity.

  • ....TANKS!!!!! GOD YES!!!!!
  • Does anyone know how many of these there are?
  • Six - two each of Easy, Medium and Hard difficulty. There's one of each difficulty in the Downtown district, which are available early on in the game, the other three are in the southwest island (Luchador turf) and become available in Act 2. You have to complete the Easy one in each region to unlock the other two in that same region.
  • Yay for Tanks!
  • Such an easy, but fun, achievement.
  • its not easy

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