Have A Reality Climax Achievement

  • Have A Reality Climax



    Complete all instances of Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax.


    Instances: 6

    In this activity, you are forced to run through a deadly obstacle course filled with fire and electric traps, gun wielding mascots, ethical power-ups, and the occasional Brute. While running through these courses, pay attention to the point counter in the top left corner. When the total money you have is more than the total amount that is needed, you can run straight through the course, only stopping to avoid traps and kill mascots that stand in your way. In order to run through these activities quickly, you can rack up a high amount of points in the first couple of rooms by headshotting every mascot, shooting every ethical power-up, and avoiding every trap. This is a very simple activity once you are invincible as the only thing you have to worry about is the electricity slowing you down.

  • Thought this was pre-order only?
  • I think this is in the game, but the outfit/gun/vehicle pack is pre-order only.
  • Incredibly confused about this. This is pre-order content, is it not?
  • There's no need for the confusion - Professor Genki features in the game and these missions relate to that. He's a character element of the Saints Row universe in much the same vein as Freckle Bitches etc. Volition just decided that as well as introducing the character to the game with his missions they would also theme their pre-order DLC around the Professor Genki character too. TL;DR version: Professor Genki's Missions = core component of game Professor Genki's Manapult truck, Squid launcher & Jump suit = pre-order bonus DLC
  • Will you be able to play co op with someone who doesn't have the pre order pack when you do?
  • i've got a feeling the pre-order pack is just instant access, as the cannon truck and squid gun have been shown in gameplay videos.
  • This Is Going To be Sweet!
  • so is this really a preorder bonus or is it like an online pass?
  • Do people really not read the rest of the comments? This is the in-game professor genki super ethical reality climax. You're all thinking of the professor genki hyper ordinary preorder pack which has been confirmed as preorder only.
  • @5 Yes, confirmed by devs in multiple interviews: you don't need DLC to play in a LCy gane. You just won't be able to access the features.
  • the missions are not needed for pre-order i believe the vehicle outfit guns etc. are pre-order require
  • sweet
  • Getting the Suit, Vehicle and Cannon is NOT pre-order only, it's Limited-Edition Exlusive. I have it, and I did NOT Pre-order it.
  • one of the hardest activities in the game but coop it and activities will be easy!
  • Just to be clear. the is the In-GAME activity and NOT the pre-order pack which only contain. a PERSONAL suit, a weapon and a exclusive vehicle. which does NOT prevent you from playing with someone who does not has it. EVERYONE can do this achievement. (if you have the game)
  • I did this and I love it. Even though I've done them all I'd still do them again in co-op with anyone who's interested :D DON'T SHOOT THE PANDA!!!
  • This achievement is very easy after a certain point, reach level 48 respect and buy the upgrade that makes bullets do no damage, then just run through the levels killing everyone
  • Sometimes when I start the activity that red "rising sun decal that pops up when you so good things is covering the screen about 95% and I can't play it:( sometimes its not there but mostly it is.. and this is like one of the last things I have to do..
  • @ 18 im having the same problem and its drivin me insane!
  • @18 me toooo
  • i love this mission on SR3.. they sould have made this another mode instead of the BS whored mode they put on it
  • @18 & 20, I activated my online pass n it suddenly started working!
  • 19&20 it was a pain in the ass but i did it with the red thing covering the screen.. idk if its the same or different for everybody, but the only portion i could see was my map.and it goes away when i paused. so i waited till i was done with everything and upgraded myself to be fire and bullet proof and just wandered around pausing a million times before i made it.. the first time i found the exit but didnt have enough money or time to make it. the second time i killed more people and made it to the exit. it sucks but it worked
  • For anyone wondering, no, that red thing covering up your screen is not supposed to be there. Just restart the game. I have no clue why they have yet to fix it, but I have played the same activity with and without it, so there is no way it is supposed to be there. Just try reloading the game. I also heard installing it on your HDD helps too, but i don't know about that.
  • Thanks Devon! :y:
  • i know it wasnt supposed to be there.. it was just always there when i needed to complete it.. installed or not didnt fix mine and neither did restarting the game.. it seemed perfectly random. but being bulletproof and pausing to find your way worked. it sucks but its possible that way, i promise
  • This is probably my favorite activity now...after upgrading (no damage from bullets) of course! I like being invincible, even if it means "no skill required".
  • Red thing is quite an annoyance. They've patched the customize any vehicle glitch, but they've seemingly turned a blind eye to this actually problematic glitch. Sigh. I've tried reloading my game and more, and it's still there...going to have to wait until I have most of the immunity bonuses bought before I can do it.
  • The way to get around the red thing is to join a friend in co-op, the S.E.R.C loaded clear for me, saved it, and then was fine in solo game. At least it was till I cleared them all, then tried to go back in (for the kill 200 mascot challenge) and it had come back again.
  • I tried to beat that Genki thing with the red stuff and it started saving while I was in the game and froze me, after 10 mins of waiting it never went so I returned to the dashboard and started it up again. It said, "Your save data has been corrupted" I WAS ON 94% COMPLETION!!! GODDAMNIT!! I'm off to trade this piece of shit in now :) Although it was an awesome game so don't be put off by my unfortunate circumstance.
  • carnt w8 to become invinsible ill beat it red thing or no red thing
  • i did all of them and i didnt unlcok the achievement is it because im playing on casual HELP!?
  • #27, VERY MUCH AGREED. #32, please explain to me why its on casual anyways?
  • Arg, this didn't unlock for me. There ARE only three of these, right?

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