Hi-Jack It Achievement

  • Hi-Jack It



    Steal and deliver all Vehicle Theft targets.


    To access the Vehicle Theft missions bring up your phone, click Saintsbook, and then Vehicle Theft. These missions involve you driving to a certain area and looking for a certain vehicle. If you drive around the area, you will see the vehicle icon appear on your mini-map telling you exactly where the vehicle you need is. Once you hijack the vehicle, you need to drive back to a certain point while police and gang members chase you down. This is very easy to do if you use notoriety wipe (or mayor's forgiveness) after getting in the vehicle. It is really only needed for the slower vehicles, but if you want to use it for all then you can do so easily by saving, quitting, and restarting the game and they will be available again without having to wait.

    There are 30 vehicles you need to steal.

  • I'm assuming that this is basically Chop Shop.
  • Sounds like it. Though I like the name "Chop Shop" better than Vehicle Theft.
  • hope so the hijacking in the first game was a pain in the ass
  • is this supposed to b like the gta thing where u jack a specific car and return it somewhere??
  • a total of 30 cars. there are 5 persons asking for a specific car. you have to get 1 car for that person for you to 'unlock' the next car for that person 6 cars each. some want a specific car and sometimes you can take a random one. that's basically it.
  • Found a small bug when trying to do this in Co-op, everytime I entered the zone is said the target vehicle had be destroyed. Going to just do it solo I think.
  • Good advice, try and complete this before you get too far into the story missions. It'll be a whole lot easier!
  • @7 This 'bug' happens in solo play too. All you have to do is go to where the vehicle is located and if you get that message, restart the vehicle theft mission. It instantly respawns the target vehicle every time.
  • Hay does anyone know where to find some stag people affter u beat the game ? i disided to do this achievment at the end and i cant get the darn n-forcer to show up
  • @10. You can find a N-forcer randomly parked somewhere. just start the theft and the blip will guide you, or use the one in your or your friend's garage just drive in the area with it.
  • The ending where u go after Killbane unlocks a N-forcer. If u use this N-forcer it will delete it from your garage. I need a police heli but everytime I go to get it it says it is destroyed how do I get this one?
  • i done all 30 of em andno achivement appeared is there anything i should so it appeares
  • * and no
  • @14 do you have a save just before your 30th car? try loading that one, this 'glitch happens often i had it with the survival challenge. if it's a very old save game just load it but don't save if you don't want to lose progress.
  • It's a bit glitchy this one. Needs patching. "Vehicle has been destroyed". Didn't even get chance to find it. But I'll try that advice that #9 said about restarting the mission in that area.
  • well the oppresor gives me way too much grief can never ffind it its always destroyed
  • it says i have 24 out of 25 but on the list iv done them all
  • sorry it says 25 out of 26 my bad
  • @10 if you beat the final mission (the one on the ship in the sky) you get an N-Forcer in your garage as a reward.
  • How are you supposed to get the Jet-Ski to the chop shop?
  • it's quite hard
  • Ok, here's a partial guide (I only completed a few ones, but the concept remains the same) Make sure you have Vehicle Theft activated first for each step. SWAT Lockdown If you have the Mayor's Favour 1. Go to the chopshop at the airport (If you don't know where it is, go to the Airport Building instead. The chopshop is just south from there) 2. Call in the SWAT If you don't have the Mayor's Favour 1. Stand in front of a crib's garage (any crib will be fine) 2. Start a fight against the police 3. Wait for the SWAT 4. Get the car and store it into the garage. 5. Wipe your notoriety in your crib 6. Go to the chopshop at the airport 7. Get a vehicle delivery Other civilian vehicles 1. Steal one from the designated area 2. Remember the location of the chopshop 3. St
  • Continue @23 Other civilian vehicles 1. Steal one from the designated area 2. Remember the location of the chopshop 3. Store it into the nearest crib garage and wipe your notoriety 4. Go to the chopshop and get a vehicle delivery Tornado 1. Get a VTOL or gunship 2. Fly to the military base and kill the guards on the rooftop 3. Land on the rooftop and take the Tornado
  • i did all of them and i didn't get the achievment
  • having trouble getting the woodpecker bk have u got any tipps i blew the badboi up twice haha
  • Actually, this is QUITE easy. You just need to know what you're doing. Here are some tips that helped me, and made it a lot easier. 1.) If you guys are complaining about the bridges (which I noticed some people were on other forms), then take the highways. It takes longer, but I at least you'll know you'll get there safe without trying to go over the bridges and fall in the water. 2.) Save your police forgiveness for important vehicles like big trucks or really slow cars. You'll be a lot happier if you do it that way. 3.) If you don't have any police forgiveness and you want to keep going, then go to one of your safe houses with a garage and if the car can fit - save it. Then the police aren't after you anymore and once you get it back out, they still aren't on you. Hop
  • **Hope this helps you like it helped me! Also, I officially got every achievement including the DLC ones ;DDD. I'm super happy right now!
  • I found the best way to do this is to save the game after getting each vehicle re-load, then grab a v-tol and fly to the location of the vehicle steal it then use police forgiveness, or Mayor Reynolds. Then save and re-load this process gives you the ability to use your police forgiveness and Mayor Reynolds call again.
  • This is near impossible to do on hardcore--I'm going to try using owned storys to lose notoriety. I can't seem to find the Torch. It always says that it was destroyed.
  • i tried to do this one but i didnt get it after i did all of them, made me pretty mad. need to retry it
  • To get the stag vehicle after completing the story... Original post by "Stevie vip 99" on forums. "For anyone worried about not finding this vehicle after the game try this. Start the last mission again and go to any of the 3 battles, at the battles there will be a n forcer sat around. Jump in the n forcer then quit the mission. When play resumes you will still be in it. Then just do the vehicle theft mission." I used this and it worked fine. Finally got the achievement :)
  • The garbage truck is so annoying. It has exploded 3 times already and I barely hit anything.
  • Go to a Rim jobs and repair your vehicle then enter Rim jobs to wipe out your notoriety. Step back in the vehicle and you can drive without the cops following you. Srry for bad english.
  • Worst achievement in the game........
  • fuck this crap, so frustrating.
  • Having issues with the Commander boat. After I get in it and have a look at the map to see where to bring it, the trail icon goes crazy and just flashes around in a loop. I have no idea where to take it. Any suggestions?
  • like @34 said you can visit a rim jobs to repair your vehicle and if you got money to spend upgrading it fully helped me alot.
  • How the fuck am I supposed to deliver a tank with 5 stars and Vtols lighting me on fire the entire way? Fuck this stupid achievement.
  • Oh good, if the tank wasn't hard enough to fucking deliver.... The fucking Torch is glitched and never even appears on the fucking map. Cock sucking bullshit fucking achievement, fuck the asshole who designed this.

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