Ow My Balls! Achievement

  • Ow My Balls!



    Do your first nutshot AND testicle assault.


    Nutshot: Kill an enemy by firing the final shot into the crotch of a male gang member.
    Testicle Assault: Run up to any male gang member and click the .

  • Brutal.
  • hahahah lol
  • Okay, this achievie picture alone makes me wanna get this one ASAP. XD
  • Best achievement ever in my opinion =)
  • Love the nod to Idiocracy.
  • @6.. that was my first thought too.. but then i didnt think anyone else had seen that movie, guess i was wrong, Mike Judge is awesome
  • Welcome to CostCo. I love you!
  • what's the difference between a nutshot and a testicle assault? in my estimation, a nutshot is to shoot someone in the balls and the other one maybe to hit them with a melee weapon?
  • I think you're right #9. There's just plain shooting the nuts, and then there's sthe special nut-targeted move that every weapon in the game is promised to have. Knowing that the chainsaw is coming back for this, my nuts hurt just thinking about what that move will look like...
  • could this be a possible Conker reference (when you frying pan the brass balls in bats tower chapter)
  • name of achievo should have been eric cartmans quore: im gonna kick you guys in da NUTS!
  • hahaha i love this game :)
  • @11 the balls of brass
  • gonna be the best achievement ever!
  • haha testicle assault ! "Ow my balls" !
  • I wanna do this one to a mascot running around, like in SR1 the big cup or the guy dressed as a thing of fries...that would make this one 10x more amusing.
  • testicle assault! love it lol
  • I think you have to shoot someone in the balls then hit them with the giant purple dildo. I could be wrong.
  • 20 nutshots and god knows how many testicular assualts (does not show up on your stats) and I still have not unlocked this achievement :(
  • If anybody is struggling, you need to do this on a gang member, so that the bonus will appear on the right. This applies to Nut Shots and also to Testicular Assault.
  • for anyone who dont know how to do this first you have to do it on gang member you have to shoot someone in the nuts to get nutshot then you have to use click the right analog in to do testicular assault make sure you kill them with it
  • @22, It can also be done the other way around. (Got it last night doing this) Testicular Assault into nutshot. Pretty much you need the Testicular manslaughter rep bonus. The achievement description wasn't very specific on that.
  • Can someone help me with this achievement cause im confused....
  • This popped for me when I did it to a female gang member! Just walk up to a gang member and whilst standing in front click the right control stick, the player character should sweep the gang members feet away and elbow drop the guys (or girls, apparently) nuts. Then just shoot them in the crotch to kill them. I used the pistol to do it.
  • I cant get the "Testicular Assault" thing to pop up so it's not giving me the achievement!??
  • Shoot gang members and kill them with a nut shot...aim right above the luchadores belt...seems to work better.........testicular assault...can be a gang member too...go up to him and push in your right stick...boom!
  • Amazzzzzing
  • is this achievement glitchy for anyone else? i did my testicular assaults and never got the achievement... I stopped playing, shut off my xbox... when i went to play again i got the achievements
  • jajajaja!
  • no i did it alrite it took me like 1 hour tho
  • How do you get this?
  • @ #32 did you try reading this page?
  • An Idiocracy reference? Wow, I love this game. A should say that it took my game acouple seconds to realize I had done this, so give it alittle time if it doesn't pop right away.
  • Hmm I got it by pressing the right analog in infront of a gang member, then pressing it in behind them cos u do a nut punch from behind and then shooting in the nuts!
  • This one may take a few tries since I had to do it multiple times to get it to unlock.
  • Do your first nutshot AND testicle assault. Nutshot: Kill an enemy by firing the final shot into the crotch of a male gang member. Testicle Assault: Run up to any male gang member and click the . ----- Misleading - "AND" suggests that it has to be a combo, but they can be done separately and probably in any order. Also, this guide for Testicle Assault is wrong. If you "Run" (LB/L1) and click RS/R3 you will perform various wrestling attacks, but never the testicle assault. You just stand next to the gang member and click the right analogue stick in (you can even stand behind them).

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