Gender Equality Achievement

  • Gender Equality



    Play for at least 2 hours as a male character AND 2 hours as a female character.


    You do not have to make different saves for this, just go to Image as Designed and change your sex there. Since you have to play for 30 hours anyway, just change your sex before doing something like finding all the collectibles, and change back later if you're bothered.

  • So just dick around and explore for 2 hours as a female then restart as male lol.
  • omg i cant believe what the sex apell does this is a first in any game that makes guys and females parts bigger
  • Considering 2 acts have different endings I could see myself doing 2 playthroughs as each gender now
  • 14 year olds will not get this as they will just play as a female,nude.
  • Wouldnt it be funny if in the game you had to get a sex change to get this achievement? LOL
  • I guess Dark Splank's first character will be a "she-male" - seeing that he plans on having his "female" character "dick around" for 2 hours (I might have to play co-op to see how that goes)! :-p
  • EDIT: That's co-op WITH him, to see how that goes. This damn web site is scrolling the text off the screen (AGAIN), so I can't see what I've typed! Don't backspace unless you go far enough to see your cursor again.
  • WTF ... and i just saw the sex appeal slider, making the breast bigger and the male anitmomy bigger. @4 its just like the second saints row...pixelated
  • *flashbacks from Fable II (methinks) DON'T DRINK THE POTION!!!!!!* my terrifying scream just wasn't the same afterwards
  • i think this has to be on the same save
  • Just go the the doctor and change(?) As you could change youre face and body in the last ones..a guess
  • @8 since when did pixels stop anyone.
  • I wonder if you can just make a male/ female character, play as them for some of the game and then go to the plastic surgeon and get a sex change to the other gender? I think i'll just do one playthrough as a guy then one as a girl and go for the alternate achievements.
  • reminds me of the skate achievement Gender Bender.
  • @13 - Can you get a sex change in the game?
  • Just a heads up this achievement has to be done with the same character by doing a sex change. Just spent 2 hours on a new game as a chick and it didn't pop.
  • @4 - Actually, most of the 14 year olds I've played with on saints row prefer to play as a male because they find he idea of playing as a female to be icky.
  • #16 is correct.
  • maybe I'm glitched.. but I beat the game with a male character, then sex changed it up and caused trouble for at least 2 hours with no cheevo. Maybe I have a do a mission or something.
  • I don't really know what the requirements are because I just started a new game with a female and got the achievement. I have a male character and my game is only 38% complete. I've played 7:15. I chose Campaign and Start New and chose my female character for the game. I was coming up on 2:00 gameplay and was getting ready to head to the plastic surgeon, but as I was mid-mission, the achievement popped. So I guess it doesn't have to be the same game since I never got the chance to switch to male.
  • Keep in mind if you want to do this by starting a new game with a different gender (which is how I got this) that it will probably pop up at around 2:15 playtime, since you are genderless for the first mission. I thought it was bugged at 2 hours and nothing, but waited a bit and it popped.
  • Beat the game as a female. Got a sex change. Played for two hours doing side mission, and the achievement popped. Seems like the easiest way to do it.
  • You don't have to be on the same save to get this achievement. I completed the game as a female character, then later I started a new game with a male character and then two hours later I got this achievement.
  • I just got the sex change, now i am just leaving the game on while i do other stuff... come back in 2 hours and i will have the achievement.
  • i done that mission when u are naked and before that not knowing that mission was a ahead i got sexchange to woman to get a achievement and hoped no one would see me and it was weird
  • *Spoiler Alert* If I'm playing as a female and in the my name is Cyrus Temple does being Cyrus count towards time as a male
  • If you change sex, then change back - will you still have the same style and everything? I'm playing as a woman now, got her perfectly set up, but to change to a man and then back again may screw everything up?
  • Omg, if it is geared toward men and women having equality, sooner or later it will be like Fable where you can be a guy and kiss another guy, same for a girl. Soon, it will be 2 hours spent as a guy kissing another guy, sickening...I know... But sign me up anyways!!
  • I'll be doing a 2nd "playthrough" as a female that way I can get the cheevo Tower Defense as well.
  • Not as hard as portrayed. I even did new game and saved on a different storage device and still got it. Just play as a girl! That's all. But changing the gender of your character doesn't work FYI
  • I can be done by changing gender during the same game. It just happened for me. Though remember you lose the ability to unlock achievements if you used cheat codes.
  • After finishing "The Ho Boat" and changing my gender to male (first playthrough,) I got this after about 1 hour and 50 minutes. Single, first playthrough.

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