Bo-Duke-En Achievement

  • Bo-Duke-En



    Hijack 50 vehicles - Dukes style.


    In order to hijack a vehicle a vehicle Dukes style, run at a vehicle with and push . You can check your progress by going to your cell phone, clicking extras, and then stats.

  • I am so gonna make a dukes of hazzard car and character.
  • get you a beagle named Flash too? car complete with "Dixie" horn?
  • "Looks like them Duke boys are in a heap of trouble in Stillwater."
  • is this glicthed it said i had 50 of 50 but no achievement
  • sounds good, gliches awready :/
  • Found a worse glitch in co-op :(
  • No gliches here. This is so fun to do, i didn't even have to try for it.
  • same for me smoking rhino
  • I got this and the first challenge finished last night [while offline I think] and they only popped today when I continued the game [this time online, if that makes a difference.]
  • The achievements in this game seem to be really glitchy (not a surprise, considering the game is pretty glitchy too). This achievement randomly popped for me while I was messing around in the main game options. I had quit out of a co-op game about 10 minutes prior and it randomly popped up. I'm not saying that messing around in options did anything, just that the achievement popped REALLY late.
  • I've hi jacked nearly 100 cars and no achievement. Damn, I hate glitchy shit like this.
  • easy achievement eventually!! @11 i hi jacked over 100 cars but realised i was doing it wrong, Note QUICK hi-jack, running towards car and jumpin in.
  • Not sure if this works on every car, but I was able to actually grind this out on one car (already had around 29 when I got it). I was in the middle of a survival match against some luche libres when I was surprised by some back up arriving. They arrived in a nice little muscle car, so I took when the fight was over. At one point we got out and when I jumped back in, it counted it as another hi-jack for the challenge and the achievement. So, I parked in an alley and just repeated jumping in and getting out. Achievement popped.
  • I had no problem with this one.
  • Easily get this one through natural play.
  • I beg of you guys of to do nothing in co-op its glitchy unreliable and your friends may have cheats activated

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