Who Loves Ya Baby Achievement

  • Who Loves Ya Baby



    Kill 50 brutes.


    Brutes are the enemies that look like the character Oleg. There are four different types of Brutes: Flamethrower Brutes, Grenade launcher Brutes, the mini-gun Brute, and the regular melee Brute. An easy way to get this to to take an aerial vehicle such as the F-69 VTOL and raising your gang notoriety by shooting every gang member you see. The gang will start sending in Brutes and can't touch you since you're in a hover jet. Continue shooting them for the achievement and they'll keep showing up.

  • whts brutes
  • @ #1 There just big gang members, kinda like the brutes in Assassin's Creed, just find their weakness and fuck em up.
  • I have finished all the missions, where can i go to find more of the brutes?
  • Easiest way to get this is in the attach chopper or VTOL. Just shoot at a rival gang and hover above the road. Keep doing it and they will start bringing Brutes in on their trucks. Just destroy the truck and the Brute will die too. Did this in a few minutes of destroying vehicles with rockets.
  • Great way to kill more brutes, survival missions. When you get a call, answer it. A brute will most likely come throughout the waves. Hope this helps!
  • i used a tank and just went to war with a gang was no trouble if you do it in a chopper u get shot down after a bit u take no damage in the tank do it in 1 go hope this helps
  • Glitched for me... Game says I have killed 55 brutes yet still no achievement.
  • No achievement despite reaching 50 this is FUCKED!
  • For some reason this is difficult:/
  • I hate Brutes...
  • used a tank then the gangs come with them on cars and u shoot the cars i got a tank when the army comes and kept it in my garage i used that to do kill 1000 gang members easy kills stay by ur garage and get a new one every time blows up very rarely
  • Very easy for me i just got a challenger tank and got my notority lvl 5 and just mercked them...
  • I waited until I was upgraded fully so I don't get hurt by bullets / fire / explosions and had unlimited rocket launcher ammo then went and got my notoreity up. Had tons of fun shooting almost everything. A great way to get your tank / aircraft / specialist kills up too.
  • if at 100% best done during or after surviual . best done with all health and damage upgrades. if you start a new game the brute kills will carry over so you can get the acheivement but they wont carry over for the challange
  • I think that certain counts are lost if you die, so keep saving after killing a few. A great place for slaughtering brutes and gang members and getting headshots is in the sea. The south part of the central region has a property for sale called Stikit Inn - go directly south from there and you should find a coastal wall and a freight container in the shallows to hide behind. Get in the sea a hide behind the container (possibly there only due to wreckage from finishing the game?). Loads of gang cars jump into the sea and the gang members and brutes are helplessly just treading water, waiting for headstots. Just bring ammunition.

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