Haters Gonna Hate Achievement

  • Haters Gonna Hate



    Kill 1000 Gang Members.


    As the achievement description says: kill 1000 gang members. The three types of gang members are:

    • Morningstar: Gang members dressed in red and black. They drive around in red and black vehicles with a star labeled somewhere on the hood.
    • Deckers: Gang members dressed in blue mechanized clothing with katanas strapped to their backs. They drive around in blue and white vehicles labeled with a type of skull graffiti.
    • Luchadores: Gang members dressed in bright green clothing and resemble Lucha Libre wrestlers. They drive around in bright green vehicles.

    Each gang member will appear as a red dot on your mini-map. Just don’t confuse them with police officers. This achievement will come naturally playing through the game.

  • love the title of this cheevo :D
  • lol
  • Time consuming, but I will take pleasure in this
  • not time consuming...took me about thirty minutes. If you get the Luchadores or Deckers mad at you (2 stars or better)...fly in a helicopter over a bridge. As your stars rise, so do the number of gang vehicles that appear. These vehicles carry lots of gang members, usually. (2-3 at a time). The Luchadores & Deckers don't have helicopters either, so as long as you don't hit a police officer (or keep it two shields and under) they should just come out you constantly. You'll get this achievement and you will hit the 50 Brutes challenge pretty easily as well. :) (30 min. max)
  • You don't even need to bother doing that, it's easily acquired through campaign progression. I got my achievement just before the Murderbrawl mission.
  • complete game and will come eventually i done mine using tank quarter into the game
  • Not time consuming at all... 1000 seems a lot, but once in the game you know it will come quickly. You will not have to grind, it will come during normal playthrough.
  • Just don't buy all of the properties and do all of the gang activities or there won't be any more gang members left to kill.
  • Do a couple of survivals and you'll get this in no time.

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