Cowboy Up Achievement

  • Cowboy Up



    Fully upgrade one Weapon in each slot.


    Go to Friendly Fire to upgrade your weapons. Level 4 is fully upgraded for everything except melee which is level 2. You have to have a weapon from each category (Melee, Pistols, SMG, Shotguns, Rifles, Explosives, Special, and grenade) upgraded.

  • upgrading weapons :O
  • You can upgrade weapons? O_o
  • wow, they have made even upgrades to weapons. I must get this game !
  • do you need to upgrade fist or something? cant get this one
  • To get this achievement, you will need to upgrade at least one weapon in each slot. This includes both the weapons and projectiles slots. Each slot needs to have a weapon in it that is upgraded to level 4. Guns that cannot be upgraded do not count. Be sure to upgrade your baseball bat in the melee section to level 2. That is the only weapon that can be upgraded there.
  • @#5 ive done all that but still no achievement
  • #6 try to upgrade all of your grenades to lvl 4 as well then u might get the achievement
  • it's a bit misleading but yeah one weapon maxed from all the types sounds ok lol
  • I have done all, which is level 4 all guns, and level 4 all grenade slots. But still no achievement, help anyone?
  • I've upgraded all I can but this seems like a broken achievement because it's just not happening. Am I missing something?
  • Aha! I missed the special weapons. Gonna do that when the next load of cash comes in, yay! :D
  • i was wondering why this wasn't popping i didn't know you could upgrade grenades
  • Number9. You can also uppgrade the baseball bat! Dont forget it
  • thank you who ever said the grenades thing
  • do you grenades
  • Ive done all granandes just in case! When i have cash im going for special, The remote control is the cheapest.
  • I have full on special and all other weapons, and baseball bat, and grenades, and still no achievement :(
  • To all thinking this is glitched. Go to the gun store and make sure you buy all the weapons. Then upgrade. I thought it was broken, then realized I needed some melee weapons to upgrade.
  • I don't understand: the description says "Fully upgrade one Weapon in each slot". ONE Weapon, right? Why did I have to upgrade everything?
  • NOT GLITCHED melee weapon needs to be upgraded for achievement. THE BAT

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