Flash the Pan Achievement

  • Flash the Pan



    Destroy all Gang Operations in Steelport.


    The Gang Operations are represented by an icon of a fist. After completing a Gang Operation, you can see that portions of your map have turned from grey to purple.

    You can tell where Gang Operations are located by bringing up your map and heading to areas that are still seen as grey. However, the icons for some Gang Operation missions will not be see on your map so you have to fly or drive around the grey areas of your map until you see a large group of gang members in one area. Kill them all and it will count as completing an Operation.

    Note: The Gang Operations can be completed easily after obtaining aerial vehicles with mounted weapons.

  • whatever is not purple is gang place!
  • Really that's your advice? Actually no whatever is not purple after you complete ALL activities and have beaten the story HINTS at gang locations. You'll still have to search them out though. You can guess before that based on how close activities are to to areas not purple
  • @1 Bad english...bad english
  • Port Pryor op is offshore on a boat. The backwards "L" shaped territory in the center hood is slighty off to the east. those r the only tricky 1s.
  • Try doing all the activities first. It's much easier to see on the map where the locations are that way. There is one on top of a skyscraper which isn't always that easy to find. Also a few around the edge of the map on a boat n' those kinda areas.
  • whatevers gray is a gang area
  • If you're having trouble finding the gang hold outs, check out this guys you tube... he shows you all of the hang outs. http://www.youtube.com/user/gamerfourlife99#p/p
  • man i have one more gang operation left and i have NO IDEA where it is :/
  • @ #8 - the map will tell you how many gangs have been flushed out of each area - that should narrow it down a bit.
  • what i can say,,,,this game is full of bugs,lags,and shits..i both it brand new..and cd stock on 3 mission`s i mean wtf..and now it wount show where is my last 2 gang operations...i have left 2 heli and 2 gang ..and all done..but no it needs to be f*** up.so my question is what`s the trick to find invisible g-operations..tnx
  • sorry for my last comment ..i was too pist to find it so i gone mad..but now i check google and its done.. if any one else have probs then type in google --saints row the third map gang operations-- there will be only pictures but it helps..
  • I just flew around town after I got my prototype hovercycle and picked up the collectibles cheevos and this....just systematically fly all the way across the area of the map, go south a bit and cross back over...scanned the entire map and got em all in about an hout or so once I got my hovercycle
  • Don't use the special ability to take over a territory in the main menu. i did that and i haven't received this achievement. My guess is because i didn't actually destroy all gang operations myself.
  • i destroyed all gang ops but it dident give me the achevment with no cheats #B.S.

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