Jumped In Achievement

  • Jumped In



    Create and share a character online.

    This achievement is no longer obtainable due to issues with the related website

    Note: You need to have both an Xbox Live Gold membership and a THQ account for this.

    Begin by going to any clothing store and pushing . Click on 'Character Gallery' towards the bottom of the list and you will be asked to log in to your THQ account. Once you log in, click on 'Upload' and once it's finished leave the store.

    If the achievement didn't unlock, try going to the main menu, clicking 'Community', log into your THQ account and then repeat the steps above. This time you will not be asked to log-in when you are at the clothing store.

  • I like the name for this achievement
  • i see wit they did thar.
  • will this cheevo pop with the initiation station before the game is out ? or once we load the game up ?
  • #3 Can't tell if stupid or just trolling...
  • is this the only online achievement?
  • this has something to do with the demo "INITIATION STATION"?
  • Without XBOX Live Gold you can't complete this achievement.
  • This achievement is not unlocking for me for some reason. I have done all I can with the Initiation Station as well as downloaded my guy in the game and nothing.
  • is it possible to do this achievement without using the online-pass-code?
  • you have to go into a clothing store i went into planet saints far right on upper bottom island. go into store to buy and go to character gallery upload your character from your intiation system. Achievement is yours!!
  • @11 That's not too nice Sir
  • I got SO FRUSTRATED with this! I had created my characters thru the Initiation Station before the game came out. Online it shows my characters are there. In game, it says that there is nothing to download. I finally had to break down a create a person from ones they give you. Achievement unlocked. I wasnt able to customize my character to the fullest, but got my points. You probably do have insert the online pass code, as it has to react with the servers.
  • if you cant download your character from the intiation system you have to go online to saintrow.com sign in. YOU HAVE TO ADD YOUR CHARACTER TO YOUR Q!! go to upload when your are at saintrow.com add your person to Q. it will be off the side and have add Q under it. do it YOUR CHARACTER IS YOURS!! good luck
  • Thanks for that GATORS :)
  • just take your created character in a store and upload. done
  • Just go to a planet saints, character gallery, log into the Saints Row thing, then upload, easy as that!
  • The only one a can't get coz i dont ahve gold D=
  • Apparently, I've already got a THQ account registered to my gamertag (which I don't) so I ccan't go and quickly grab this achievement. Dam...
  • This is annoying, this one achievement has stopped me from being able to fully complete the game
  • just read comment #10 EASY thanks mate
  • They always have 2 ruin the game with at least 1 online achievement.
  • You don't even have to go to a clothing store in the game. You can Upload your character during the character creation/customization right after completing the very first mission. Just start the creation process, go down to "Character Gallery", and select "Upload Character". Was the second achievement I got for this game, quick and easy.
  • If you still cannot get the achievement no matter what you do, try starting a new game and when you create your character at the beginning, upload it there. It was the only way it worked for me after restarting the game/xbox, reloading the game, downloading/uploading multiple times at clothing stores, even initiation station download/uploads wasn't working. P.S. You can download and upload a character you made thats in the community in the character creator after the first heist mission and it'll work.
  • I registered in saintsrow.com put i cant sign in again. it's says ''Incorrect username or password'' same thing come on my xbox.
  • Dear friends, you wanna hear a joke? i bought the german version of this game (XBox call it "Saints Row 3 BRD", but i dont knew it, because it use a normal cover), and have 1290gs now. This is the last achievement that i need. BUT, and here is the joke, i can NOT use the passkey. because it ONLY works with a german xbl-account, and i am austrian. yay, pwnd.
  • Im down to boost for this game msg me if interested GT: tough SCHMIDT
  • Guess this doesn't work anymore as THQ's servers more than likely have been taken down.
  • NM, I created a new profile on saintsrow.com and it let me upload just fine.
  • This achievement still works if anyone is wondering.
  • This was the last achievement I needed but also the easiest. All you have to do is take any saved game you have, run down to any Planet Saints, and select "Character Gallery." No computer necessary, you can create an online account in-game, in the store, then select "Upload character" and boom, you got it.
  • All I'm getting is that it can't connect to servers is this still obtainable?
  • @ 32 Don't think this works anymore. Just tried to register at the website, and it's not letting me log on, which kind of pisses me off. If I'd have know I could not get a full achievement score on this game, I wouldn't have bothered to download it. It's really not that good.
  • this is not possible to get anymore
  • This really sucks that this will be the only achievement in the whole game that isn't possible to get!! especially when the website still has saints row the 3rd on it!
  • @34 & @35 This is possible to get. I just got it last night. Signing up via the website didn't work for some reason. I kept getting the error that I didn't have an account. And trying to connect through the game itself also didn't work. The only way it worked for me was to load up SR3 Initiation Station and it will ask you to sign in or register for an account. I created a new account, it linked correctly as I was able to log in to the SR website. Then load up the SR3 game, go to a clothing store and select "Character Gallery" and, if it worked, it'll say an account has been found and ask you to log in. Upload your character and achievement unlocked. At least, that's how it finally worked for me. Hopefully this works for anyone having issues.
  • @36 I still get the unable to connect to server message using that method. weirdly i also cannot log into the website when at home.
  • @36 @37 Yeah, I tried #36's method, and still no luck. Just like #37, I keep getting the unable to connect to server message.
  • Just tried this again and its worked, cannot explain that.
  • #36's method does work. just create account from main menu then load into game and clothing shop character gallery, upload and boom it will unlock. server may be down sometimes
  • Foe me the THQ site would not work, saints row site would not work, but making an account via the game main menu in "community" then starting the game, going to the clothing place, then uploading the character worked first time for me. Any help at all inbox me on here or add me on live - SonOfJohnson
  • Thanks all, but especially lilpuffy90. This was annoying me to no end. THQ site let me register, confirm, and log in but no joy connecting in game through clothing store or community. SaintsRow site let me register but never confirmed, though it still let me log in but again not in the game. I eeven tried direct registration from in game via the Community menu but no luck there either. Reply 24 above by lilpuffy90 was what finally worked for me. I just started a new game on Normal diff, ran through the intro (Bank Heist ?), got to the Customize Character screen, hit A to the menu and then selected Character Gallery and Upload Character. Filled out registration there and the achievement dropped.
  • I can't get it. Dow anybody have any advice? This is my problem. Everytime I try to upload the system tells me there is a THQ ID associated with my gamertag I try to enter but tells me it is wrong (user and password) I tried to change the user, since I created a new, but I can't modify it in the game. I did the one replaying the first misiĆ³n etc but it didn't worked. Thanks for the help
  • You can still get is achievement. I tried everything all day to get this one. I got it by going to a saints story and making an account on the Xbox itself and uploaded.
  • I wasn't able to get this achievement, but what I did was deactivate my linked THQ account, and I was able to make a new one.
  • Went in the store, went to upload created and thq account on the game self and got the achievment within a minutes, no problems..
  • Hardest achievement in the game. spent 15 minutes figuring out how to get it to work. Had to delete my THQ-account and create a new one on the xbox. Thanks to #45 for the suggestion.
  • Create an account at the start menu then try uploading. Still works by the way, and I really hope games stop with community upload achievements.
  • Tried for a week now. Every time i try to make an account ingame, it says the servers are not availible. Did they take them down, or is there another trick to this.
  • I messaged Saints Row on FB and they said they are updating servers and should be back up and they will be making an announcement on the SR Facebook when everything is back up and running
  • Im confused, when I go to character gallery it says it found a THQ account linked to my gamertag and automatically puts in the username. I don't remember making a account so I had to change my password on THQ.com. Then I tried putting in my new password on SR3 and it says its incorrect. It also says to go to saints row.com to change your password which doesn't make sense if this requires THQ account (THQ.com and saintsrow.com are two different accounts). I don't remember making an account on SR3 either so I asked for password change and it never sends me a new password... This achievement should be simple yet its very difficult and confusing. I hate online achievements -.-
  • ^ I have changed my password for THQ.com multiple times, waited several days before using it on SR3 again, and it still doesn't work. I also still cant get a new password sent to me for saintsrow.com. Is there anyway to completely redo/remake both accounts and re-link them to my gamertag? I cant change the username they keep automatically putting in for SR3.
  • I have a problem with this too. I've created an account on computer since the game says there's an error while creating it. However it says that the password doesn't match the account when I try to log in.
  • Glad to know I'm not the only one having trouble with this bullcrap
  • If we try to register online, which site do we use- saintsrow.com or THQ? I figured it would be THQ, but looking around, theres no mention of SR3 anywhere.
  • Same here
  • I hate achievements like this.. Even more than the achievements, you get for "Team Deathmatch" type multi-player modes. Which I never play. It's different when you choose not to 100% the game because you don't like certain modes of play. But devs need to stop stick luck based achievements in games, along with achievements attached to services that are going to be terminated when the sequel is released..
  • Well this is bullcrap. I'm sitting at 79 of 80 achievements and 1290/1300 and I'll never have this game completed. They need to fix this or remove this achievement or something.
  • This achievement is now obtainable again, i just got it today. The web site functionality has been restored for this game and SRIV.
  • Still works in 2016!
  • If you can't seem to connect in-game, i suggest going to "www.saintsrow.com/eula" and create youre account there. After that go in-game and just log in and share this will work anytime.
  • If you do not get it, you'll have to delete your save and start a new game. Make the first mission and when you are editing your character UP it and the achievement will come.

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