Opulence, You Has It Achievement

  • Opulence, You Has It



    Complete 'Party Time'.


    Unlocked after completing Act 1 mission Party Time.

  • I love the DirecTV commercial reference in this achievement. I didn't think it was on the air that much, though.
  • hmmm... wonder what mission this is for? might be a secret mission like in sr 2 or is partof the beginning/gang missions
  • its the last mission
  • Actually its the 3rd or 4th Mission. It's when you get your 2nd Crib. I wont reveal much more than that without spoiling it.
  • Won't unlock for me I completed it twice I had connection problems though so that might be why
  • Or you're using cheats -_-
  • No it didnt unlock for me either and I dont use cheats. this one and "Gotta Break Em In"
  • I think there is a bug with the tower. I chose not to blow it up, but did not get it as a crib. I got the achievement, but not the crib, and therefore, didn't get the mission. Oh well, a second play through up to that point was inevitable to get the other achievement, so I guess a third will happen too.
  • I got this during act 1 mission 5
  • everyone says the games bugged but i had no problems wat so ever and it onli took me about 2 days to complete
  • I Completed The Mission But Got No Achievement,, Is It A Glitch Or Something?

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