The American Dream Achievement

  • The American Dream



    Customize 10 vehicles.


    You can customize nearly all the vehicles the game at Rim Jobs. Park the car in the Garage and push . Change the color of the vehicle and save it. Leave Rim Jobs, hijack a vehicle close by, and repeat. Each vehicle that you customize must be different. When you enter the car a pop up will appear that says what kind of car you are driving.

  • Why a picture of a house though? :P cant wait to start pimping my cars. especially the torch car, looks epic :)
  • cos it's a crib based cheevo ? to signify homies ?
  • Its a garage (?)
  • hope its better than in saints 2. Was ok but bit crappy
  • i hope its as easy as sr2
  • So, take acare and buy the cheapest uppgrade 10 times?
  • easy
  • ^
  • Apparently my american dream involves modding Kenshin's to be ridiculously fast.
  • I customized about 7 cars in my play through as a man. Then, I started a new game as a woman for the Gender Equality achievement. I just changed the paint color on 3 cars and it unlocked. I guess that means it doesn't have to be done in one playthrough.
  • This can be done from your crib and customising from there if you've saved enough cars. You don't have to keep them either (but keeping them will help you know you've done 10 different ones). You may even be able to do it from the non-customisable cars you own too, via the customise any (most) car glitch. LOL, stupid game, I didn't know I could add nitro due to the stupid menu order and thought it was locked until I bought All Vehicles Have Nitrous bonus! which time I'd finished story mode!

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