Cooked To Perfection Achievement

  • Cooked To Perfection



    Roast 50 peds with the car’s flamethrower (in a single instance of Super Ethical PR Opportunity).


    When you start the instance, instead of picking up Genki drive the opposite way that way you won't have anything to fill your Annoyance meter. To actually get this achievement run over pedestrians until flames show up on the bottome of your screen. You can now roast people with your flamethrower (The fuel meter is the lights on the back of your car)

    NOTE: You have infinite time, so there is no rush.

  • this is the web adress for the Genkibowl information...add me at DSG iMoNsteR if u would like to play
  • Flamethrower doesnt activate...WTF, will someone check this shit before they release it....
  • Well, had to uninstall and then reinstall the DLC and now it works...BUT, i counted at least 100 burned with the flame thrower in one achievement...come on Volition, get it together....
  • ok so the flamethrower doesnt work i activated it with the car and it doesnt do anything someone help!
  • Run over people to activate the flamethrower run you run out run over more people to recharge them. Yea I burned 100 people and didn't get the achievement.
  • hmm I restarted the game and I did this over and got the achievement.
  • Easiest way to get this one is by doing it before you pick up Genki.
  • I agree Tomtam just run over people before you get genki that way those crazed fans wont be on your back the whole time
  • @tomtam , yeah really so you won't get pissed with the fans
  • It counted like 200 and finally got it I did it at the end when genii is satisfied than wants to be taken to that theater that was I didn't have to worry about those fans chasin me I could cook all those peeps without worrying those fans would piss off genii and fill up the blue bar
  • yup defo do it before genki and the chase cars don't like fire either lol
  • dont pick genki up it makes it alot easier

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