Get off My Back Achievement

  • Get off My Back



    Destroy 5 chase vehicles (in a single instance of Super Ethical PR Opportunity).


    This time you need to pick up Genki otherwise the fans and news vans will not appear. Also the fans and news vans will stop spawning if you fill the Pleasure meter. I recommend charging up your flamethrower and just unload on any vehicle that has a big circle around it on your radar.

  • this is the web adress for the Genkibowl information...add me at DSG iMoNsteR if u would like to play
  • Hey DSG. Just join my game next time :) In the first Genki PR (airport pickup), simply drive over pedestrians to charge flamethrower and circle back to get close the blue dot vehicles and hold LB to fire flamethrowers. Destroy 5 of the annoying vehicles to get the achievement.
  • got it but you dont get it if genki is annoyed

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