Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Achievement

  • Cat on a Hot Tin Roof



    Kill all of the rooftop mascots (in a single instance of Sad Panda Skyblazing).


    This is the hardest achievement you wil run into in the DLC. You have to kill every mascot in the activity by going building to building.


    • You don't have to worry about points and the time only matters when on the actual roof
    • If you don't have enough time on a rooftop from the mascots running, you can get in a cannon to be shot off and return for more time
    • Since you don't have to rely on points, you can use the Giant panda balloons on the bottom of the map to launch you high enough to get on buildings again
  • this is the web adress for the Genkibowl information...add me at DSG iMoNsteR if u would like to play
  • This achievement wouldn't pop till I did this in the second instance (normal difficulty).
  • sap panda skyblazing isnt showing on my map what shud i do?
  • You need to wait until it's a mission?
  • Ugh, this is like the only one I can't get haha. I'll just have to keep trying (:
  • YES I got it. It's actually a lot easier doing it on the normal one than the easy one to begin with.. even if you can't get it on the easy one, ... does that make any sense? haha.
  • yup it does, i did it on the second instance the roof tops are closer and easier to land on either by balloon boost or cannon launch if it won't unlock the next / second instance, save and quit out the game and restart it or check your in game phone and do the next mission if available
  • I tried doing this on the second mission repeatedly and got close several times. Went back to the first mission and got it on the third try. Jumping off a roof and using the balloons to re-land on a roof and get more time helps quite a bit.
  • Did this one on the first instance, took a few tries, but its pretty easy. Overall this DLC pack I would rate like 2/10 for achievement difficulty. Seriously got them all in like 2 hours if that.
  • To unlock the sad panda sky diving activity you need to do all the activities to do with the Genkibowl DLC. Then you unlock the activity of sad panda sky diving.
  • Okay so ive beaten all the instances and didnt understand the achievement but I went to replay the activity and killed all mascots and it didnt give the achievement. Can any one please clarify this achievement and how to get it please. Thanks
  • Managed to get this 1st try on the second instance.
  • alot easier on the medium one. rooftops are closer and alot more ballons
  • Easily the hardest achievement in all of the DLC, they give you hardly anytime to kill the mascots on each roof. Make good use of the panda balloons as they send you higher than the others and don't worry about going through the flames if you want to finish the level, you'll get enough points from the mascots.
  • Hands down the stupidest achievement ever.
  • This is balls. The stupid manapults suck you up when you don't want it (you don't even have to be that close to them) which makes it harder than it needs to be. And now I just cleared all the roofs and guess what? No achievement.
  • Tried to do the first level about 10 times and failed, tried second level and did it first time. Loads easier.
  • Yup, second instance a lot easier.
  • Hands down the hardest achievement. If it isn't the retards running around, it's the stupid cannon not launching you before the timer expires. Jesus man.
  • Finally figured out how to get through the rings after many trial and errors. Now to do this achievement. Second to last and I am done with this dlc. Overall, its not that hard except this, and a bit of mindless fun. Still loads to do in the main game. Mostly challenges and assassinations. Boring grind, but at least the game is easy.

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