Flame On Achievement

  • Flame On



    Fly through all of the rings (in a single instance of Sad Panda Skyblazing).


    Concentrate on just the rings, you won't pass the level because your score will be too low, but the achievement will still unlock.

    NOTE: If you find yourself going too fast, or start floating above the rings, press back on the 

  • this is the web adress for the Genkibowl information...add me at DSG iMoNsteR if u would like to play http://www.complex.com/video-games/2012/01/saints-row-the-third-gets-ready-for-genki-bowl-vii-dlc-next-week
  • Has anyone got this yet? this is one of the last achievements that i need to get.
  • @chewy1531 yh i have got it
  • did it on second try keep pushing forward at the start and if you seem to high ease off the forward movement till you can get through it but onlyif your going to go over it otherwise you may miss the following rings also includes the ones after landing on a roof in doubt restart..
  • I got it by just ignoring the roofs and just focusing on going through all the rings.
  • Got this on second try, just take it easy really. Not that hard. Its the rooftop one im going for now. le sigh
  • How is anyone finding this easy? My sad panda just goes down, and quickly. I have only managed to get through one ring. I just lose altitude far too quickly and its beginning to become a nightmare.
  • @7 EXACTLY!

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